Has anyone tried this free program?

I’ve come across this fine piece of software that scans and monitors all your software and tells you when they are out of date or insecure, take a look and let me know what you think.


just came across your post, so I looked the program up, read a few reviews for it and decided to download and install it, it reminds me of that thing from cnet called Catchup.

well it sounds interesting so am trying it and seeing if its useful enough and worth keeping.

will let you know what I think about it :wink:

Yeh, let me know what you think…shame it doesn’t also check your drivers…guess beggars can’t be choosers (:LGH)

ok, tried it and here’s my Verdict on it, its alright, it scanned my PC and out of 119 applications it found 2 insecure, adobe flash player and yahoo im. now one thing adobe player i have upto date it turned out for ie it was up to date firefox it wasn’t, but secunia doesn’t say for which browser adobe flash player is out of date. thats same as the online secunia site scan its ■■■■ at not being able to pin point stuff like that. anyway atleast i got to update onething :smiley:

a real ■■■■ point about the Secunia PSI install is that it installs Google Toolbar for IE, there wasn’t a warning or any option about if i want it. i only noticed it sneakly installed that ■■■■ when i opened IE after a reboot. fortunately some though it adds an uninstall for that google ■■■■ in add/remove programs.

so what i think about the software is, its alright its just like how catchup was, so i’ll keep it
my PC was fully up to date though so its something i’d rarely use for updates, but its nice to be able to check my PC with it to see if I ever have other things that there is a new version for, like adobe flash player or Yahoo im which i rarely use or check updates for that often.

Oh Yeah, :o forgot about that one, yeah a pity if don’t do that, i would find that real useful, especially with them nvidia all in one drivers. the only nvidia driver i’ve got up to date is for my graphics card. my mobo drivers for the nvdia nforce4 mobo ain’t been updated in a few months since my mobo manufacturer has nothing new for that.

One can always hope that maybe they add driver updates to Secunia PSI ;D

It’s a no-go for me mostly. You see, it looks for installed vulnerable program versions, but it does that by looking up the installed apps list. I have many programs that aren’t on the install list, but are running on my system. I imported them by copying their files in program files and exporting their keys into the registry from my previous Windows install. I did this because when I did a clean install of ths system I didn’t wanna go through all the installing again. Because of that they don’t appear in add/remove. And so PSI isn’t scanning for them. Otherwise yeah ut’s a good update reminder, what can I say? :slight_smile:

Much the same here - found that quite a lot of the progs that I use don’t need to be installed. If possible, I use a portable version; if not, then I try Universal Extractor.
There are many progs that can be extracted to a sub-directory and run, so none of these appear in the list.

For me the big suprise was that it found 3 different versions of IE7 on my system, in 3 different locations.
The new patched updated one, one on C:\drive, and another in Windows SDOld /Download

The download version for Secunia also scans for files that will soon expire. The online scan will scan for Security updates (both patches and newer releases), check the box and scans all “installed software”.

CatchUp did not scan for Security patches, but only the latest versions that are available to install.

I have not found any thing since to match CatchUp for simplicity and accuracy.

File Hippo scans for files it carries on its system, which is as close to CatchUp (which went to the different Home Sites of each software),
to Cnet Download which sends you an email if for software you selected from its site, if any updates arrive.

Tried demos of 3 or 4 different programs that scan for drivers.

Lets take Nvidia for example, each says there is an update for my video driver, I go to both the Nvidia site and the video board manufacturer site and download the latest drivers available neither are what the driver scans are looking for?

CatchUp would have been on target and if I wanted to manually download and install, I would have found that driver either at Nvidia or my video card manufacturer web site.