Has anyone tried NotScripts with CD 6 yet?

It’s similar to NoScript for Firefox but not as developed. For instance, it can’t prevent clickjacking yet, and some other limitations. Anyway, I just installed it and like the familiar default deny method it uses, similar to CIS and NoScript.


Which security extensions have you found for CD 6?

Thanks for pointing it out. I’m currently trying it and although it’s a bit difficult to set up (you have to manually edit the script) it seems to work well enough after that.

I’m also using AdBlock, NOREF, and Ultimate Chrome Flag.

You’re welcome. Inserting a user password into NotScripts text was easy enough for me. I hope there will be a better UI as the program develops. It’s kind of clunky having to click the icon on every page to see what is allowed or not.

I already installed AdBlock and Ultimate Chrome Flag, but thanks for the reference to NOREF. I didn’t know about that one.

Cheers! (V)

Been using it for a couple of weeks now, takes some getting used to but seems fine.