Has anyone run CTM on Server 2008 w/ or w/out Exchange,Sharepoint, or SQL?

I looked through a few pages and did an advanced search on this topic and I didn’t see anything so I thought I would ask here.

I asked one of the chat support people and they said to come here to post the question.

I’m a network admin so I get the basics of how CTM works but I’m wondering if anyone has had success using it on Server 2008 r2?

Feedback welcome please.

Hi, there’s one topic related to Server2008r2 https://forums.comodo.com/help-ctm/rollback-within-a-2008r2-domain-causes-security-problems-t60409.0.html

Personally I don’t have any experience with Server type configurations, you may wait for someone who would give you feedback on this respect.