Has anyone else had problems with the updater on cavs beta 1?

Thanks Comodo for making your Firewall and Antivirus software free for life. I have been using Comodo now for about a week and a half after I stumbled on it on Google. I love the firewall and the antivirus even though I have had problems with the updater on the antivirus. When I run updater on antivirus I get an error message 110. Then when I run it later it works. When will the full release be out? Is there another beta version available?
I will recommend Comodo to my family and friends and will be installing it on my wifes computer also
I also love the ease of use and the low drain on system resources. My computer seems to like it also. Just work out the bugs.(R)

CAVS (beta) is available if your interested.


Yes, the newer beta programs are much more stable and have less bugs than beta 1.1. If you are intersted in beta testing I recommend you download it.

Oh and the newer beta versions have HIPS as well :slight_smile:

(V) Installed the new beta version Works great!

Thanks Comodo!