Has anyone actually tested the backup software

Wow, what a mess the comodo backup made to my disk. Has anyone actually tried the “syncronization” mode and seen what’s actually created on the backup disk? What a bloody nightmare with all the garbage and folders coming out of nowhere and duplicate folders.

Here’s an example of what happened:

C:/folder(a)/ with subfolders(a) subfolders(b) subfolders (c)

To sync to removable drive

What’s actually created?

With subfolders(a) with a subfolder of folder(a) and subfolders(c)
Subfolder (b) with a subfolder of folder(a) and subfolder of subfolder(b) -yes it created a subfolder of itself
Subfolder(c) with subfolders of subfodler(b) subfolders(a) and folder(a)
Some other bloody Folder and subfolders in that with subfolders(a) and god knows what else.

Holy christmas. Do some beta testing for gods sakes.