hardware problem?

Currently I have 3 drives on my unit. 1 hard drive, 1 cd rom, and 1 dvd rom. Last night, I unattached the cord and the power supply from the dvd rom because I was asked to check the contents of another hard drive. After that, I returned the cord and power supply to the dvd rom. Now, whenever I turn on my computer, it restarts twice or thrice and then displays an error message. The one where you choose, safe mode, safe mode with networking, safe mode with command prompt, last known good configuration, and start windows normally. I have to choose last known good configuration for it to startup properly. Its really a hassle and a waste of time. I am also afraid it would get worse. What do you think is wrong? I should also mention that I disabled my floppy drive before. Now, everytime the pc starts, it says, “your new hardware is now installed and ready to use” and I see 3&1/2 floppy drive beside my C: drive. I already removed the floppy drive long ago.

I’m not a PC Tech or anything but I would check all my cables and power cords to make sure they are properly installed and possibly not loose/disconnected somehow. Sorry but that’s all I can think of at the moment. (:SAD)

Nothing seems loose. When I eject the drives via explorer, they do respond. I’m just wondering why it would restart several times when nothing has been changed. :slight_smile:

This is my master/slave allocation:
Primary master: hdd
primary slave: cd rom
secondary master: dvd rom
secondary slave: none

I’m wondering what I should put in the first boot,second boot and third boot. It seems any combination still ends up a black screen.

So you have tried making DVDprimary slave? and mixing it all up? I’d try to put DVD as primary Master (I know it would just try to boot from the DVDrom so make sure nothing is in it) Not sure what it would do but I would try anything I could think of. Sorry someone else with more knowledge has not tried to help you yet. Hopefully someone will soon :slight_smile:

Unless your IDE channels are set to auto recognise attached hardware, your BIOS will have registered the other hard drive you were checking. double check the BIOS settings to make sure its not still registered and can see your HDD, CD and DVD correctly.

Ewen :slight_smile:

It is set to auto recognize attached hardware. When I checked it, the other hard drive was not present anymore. I can see my HDD,CD and DVD correctly. :slight_smile:

I’ll just switch the splitter thing right? Sorry, never really tried experimenting with that. :slight_smile: