hard disk firmware malware

I have read that there are viruses infected the firmware of the hard disk, so many brands, is it possible to clean them what is Comodo views about this, please would someone comment

Malware embeded in drive firmware is part of the hardware, no OS based security product would ever know it was there. I do wonder how widespread Kapersky’s claims about this really are.

agree, it is not believable that malware inside in the firmware, how would spy as claimed, anyway as I have read also in other places that infected drives can’t be cleaned and must be replaced, but as far as I know, there is always firmware updates for the drives, and if so they could be re-flashed if not updated.

but how can we know if our hard disk infected ?

Hey… have a look at this article here:

The threats to electronic devices are getting more advanced by the day… (remember Stuxnet?)

Hardware-level malware are getting quite bold indeed.

I for myself have gotten concerned not only for the security of my data, but for the security of data in general
(cloud services, email, HTTPS etc.) even though I have no connection with any top secret data.
But it is the complexity of those attacks that amazes me.

Remember that in the future, today’s top-notch computing performance will slowly but surely enter
consumer market. And even though the ordinary human wouldn’t have top secret data
on his device, knowing that there are attacks that you cannot defend from.

Has COMODO ever come across or tried to do some research on similar types of advanced malware?
What is your opinion on these threats?

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@cocalaur, don’t be concerned, be aware that intelligence agencies spy at you. since 5 years ago and they could decrypt the data on networks, even they cracked the SIM codes and spy even on calls. that is a fact, but they can’t spy on 7B people for sure, they trace targets, and I don’t mind that as long they don’t publish any data was collected.
but about this malware if it is true and I doubt it, it was infected by the manufactures, that is against all privacy policies.
I have 2 scenarios and I can’t think of the third,

  1. the malware will infect any installed OS to the hard disk , which make it so easy to detect even by me, but it will be impossible to clean, just can be blocked.
  2. it spies outside the OS, which will make conflicts in the I/O interrupters and I am almost sure about that.
    so it is impossible to for my imagination to think of a third way to use that claimed malware