Happy New Year !

Although a little late,

I wish a happy, healthy and safe 2008 to all. (:HUG)


Although a bit late,

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

From my family to yours :slight_smile:

“Specialer” is a good Dutch word :slight_smile:


According to the Urban Dictionary, it’s a word. Hey, 7

must mean something. Gutta luv thy innet.

It’s not an English word, but it’s a Danish word. And Soya, Urban Dictionary isn’t really reliable if you want to know if the word is real or not. “pwnt”, “z0mg” and “1337” are in Urban Dictionary too, even tho theyr’e not even real words, so use a real dictionary :wink:

Looks like sarcasm doesn’t work on you :-\

I guess I got struck by the seriousity for a moment ;D

13 thumbs up :o. Not bad. This one must be right ;D

You all speak such good England! I have embiggened my vocabulary since coming here.

panic… Welcome to 2008! :■■■■

Hey Rags,

I’m down un der in Australia. I was here in 2008 before you were!! Were you been?

Me? I’ve been in a far-away galaxy for a while, but now I’m back :BNC