Happy New Year 2009

Happy New Year to everybody all around the world!!
Join the celebration!!!

Happy New Year Android2007 :BNC

Happy New Year everybody, Happy New Year COMODO (B) (V)

Now lets drink (:TNG)


Ditto to everyone. Hope 2009 is a great year for all.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Well, 2008 for me is ending a whole lot better than it began.  A Happy New Year to all.  If drinking let someone (who is SOBER) drive you home.  Thanks Comodo for keeping my computers clean.


Happy New Year. :BNC

Happy New Year Comodo, Developers, Moderators, Forum Members.

Happy New Year to Everyone :■■■■


Happy New Year to all members thank you for joining the forum.

Happy new years :BNC :■■■■

Wishes everybody all the best for 2009

Happy New Year everydude! ;D

New Year’s Resolution: To try not to get the mods upset anymore, and to obey the forum policy (and use (un)common sense :D).

Happy new year, all :BNC

It’s a good year for ■■■-kicking


You’re back!

I hadn’t seen you in a long while. :slight_smile: (I added you to my list of inactive mods ;D)

Welcome back Soya, nice to see you’re still amongst us! Happy 2009! :■■■■
Xman (:KWL)

Happy new Year. And I saw two people in the forums who wants to eat blood. LOL. (:TNG) (Hint: bost and XP)
Thank you, Comodo, for allowing me to game, without much interference!!! (except for prompts, but minor nonetheless)

Happy New Year !!!

Greetz, Red.

Who do ya think ya’re talkin to, eh?

I’ll add something: I just saw one thing that wants to drink blood. (Hint: 95)

JeremyBOST means Jeremy Blood of Sesame Treat lol.

TheRyan95 means 95 crazy Ryans, who think they are The best, are spreading throughout forums all over the web bringing the disease of anti-alienness to everyone. 88)

What? ???