Happy Easter !!!

Your Emperor is signing off for couple of days (gonna get laid) :smiley: I leave Mr.Melih and the mods in charge. Don’t ■■■■■ up while I’m not here ;D Don’t forget to spam for me :wink: (Ganda - try harder)


( Congratulations again Comodo Team (L) )

(B) (V)

Don’t worry Commodus, you’ll have something to return to after Easter! ;D

[glow=black,0,0]HAPPY EASTER

Happy Easter :smiley:

I don’t really think Ganda needs any encouragement :slight_smile:

…and Happy Easter everybody (:HUG)

Lol, even the Newbies know Ganda already ;D
Happy Easter

Greetz, Red.

:frowning: life’s unfair, why everybody can be so happy while i’m still waiting for my pokemon dvd :THNK

happy easter to all :■■■■ (oh, we can’t have ■■■■ for easter? ;D )

You’ll just need to make up a reason for why to drink ■■■■, so you can drink it whenever you have a reason ;D
Like… Today is Friday :■■■■

Alrighty ! I’m back. ;D I’ve been quietly reading things and WOW ! - so much flaming going on and a new feature - ThreatCast :BNC

Leave for a couple a days and you have to spend a week to catch up :smiley:

That’s how it goes when the king is absent :-X

Hope you had a nice relaxing break and enjoyed yourself.
It will take you longer than a week to catch up if you are reading a thread in the Comodo Board and when you have finished you find yourself in the Firewall Board :o
I think it was moved by a moderator whlist I was reading it ;D

You’re welcome.

Thanks for the ride I did not realise it had that effect ;D
At the time I was wondering if I was losing my marbles :-[

Have you met Ganda?

(:SHY) we’re playing marbles now

No :a0
Why does he collect marbles? ;D

No. He never had any to begin with.

I don’t see how marbles are related with Easter ???

(:NRD) if there’s easter, then we should have wester as well (:TNG)

If it’s Ganda, I can see how he can confuse those with colourful Easter eggs.

oh, they’re different? ;D