Happy camper

Hey there,

I’ve decided it’s about time for an official and formal expression of thanks and satisfaction toward this product, its architects, and the affable folks here in these forums.

I’m of the can-always-be-improved-upon ilk and am constantly seeking to improve my PC, its security and performance, and my understanding thereof.

Not only has CFP3 provided me with the tools to categorically secure my computer and network, but has inadvertently driven me to educate myself further in the afore mentioned areas. Whereas most programs seem (at least to me) to only simplify the computing experience, intentionally keeping the user oblivious to its particulars, Comodo Firewall Pro (if one so chooses) profoundly exposes the user to its function and purpose, thereby compelling me to participate in my own security situation.

Though it’s not simple, I’ve found it effortless once I became accustomed.

I was driven to write this after coming home today and finding that I had logged my very first legitimate intrusion attempts – I had left for work with my hard-firewall down (forgot I was tweaking it). I ran the usual scans and came up clean; it looks like they tried for a bit, then gave up.

Very cool indeed.

Thanks for the great free product.

(V) (V) (V) (V) (V)

Thanks for the Feedback!! :slight_smile: 100% agree!