Happy Birthday Xman!

Happy B’day m8! :slight_smile: Have a good one!


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Happy 50th Xman! or should we say, VXman? :slight_smile:

Thanks guys, girls, aliens & a special thank-you to Melih and the Dev team for this brand new CIS Beta, I knew all along that they wouldn’t let an old man down, I almost passed out with all this breath holding! Now I can attack the candles, cheers all! ;D
Xman :■■■■

Happy B-Day VXman (:CLP)


:■■■■ :■■■■ :■■■■

Thanks Com, they really did get the new CIS Beta out JIT! It works kudos!
Cheers :■■■■
Xman :wink:

HI Xman! (:WAV)

Have fun with your new present (:WIN) and have a happy and wonderful birthday! :-TU (:CLP)


Enjoy the cake!

Thanks DaRtH, hope you’re enjoying new CIS beta as much as I am, it’s Killer! :-TU
Xman :■■■■

Happy b-day! I’ll tell my fellow aliens to stop putting bad/mean thoughts in your head for a day. :■■■■


You had chosen a great time to have a b-day… :smiley: I wonder if the release of the CIS beta was in any way affected by your b-day… :THNK