Ya! Happy Birthday, man!
I hope you get your presents right this time.

Cheers ;D

Happy Birthday Ganda :slight_smile:

Enjoy yourself.


pfffttt, today is april fool’s day 88) my birthday is jan’4 88)

added to the “list” for getting my birthday wrong >:(

and what do you mean by “enjoy myself” >:(

Ban a few ;D

There are some suggestion of who on the board :slight_smile:

For your birthday present i have reset my post count back to 1 :a0



I haven’t been too active lately…so I hope not me. :a0

Hippy pappy Ariplril flools.

Shushs thises is gandas bro :–D he is mean :–(

Ahppy Apirl Foolish!

And [shadow=red,left]bewar of ur shaddow![/shadow]

The 41/347Chan community

You lie. ganda doesn’t have a brother. only sistas :-*

Don’t tell him dat.

TrustConnect didn’t change my IP. >.> Now all the mods know. Maybe since it is April Fools… :smiley:

Happy fake birthday then.

Soya, how the hell did you become a Mod with so few posts? :o

Soya the “Newbie Mod”? ;D

That’s what happens when Ganda starts banning moderators 88)

LOL :smiley:
Nice one Soya!

And here’s a present for all of you:
Obama phone order 4 Nasi Goreng from Bali and delivered them to U.S

i’m back O0
since yesterday i can’t connect to internet cos apparently i forgot to pay the bill (:TNG)

We knew it was either that, a drinking binge, or you were “experimenting” again. 88)

…I meant with Linux! ;D

duh? 88)

Sorry i am/i was late to wish you a wonderful happy birthday. >:-D ;D