Happy Birthday Egemen!

Happy Birthday to Egemen! Comodo’s leading CIS Developer and Project Manager. :slight_smile:

yeah happy birthday.

just for you. :wink:

I just had to follow languy’s example: :stuck_out_tongue:





Congratulations with your birthday egemen. I hope it is joyful day. :slight_smile:

Happy birthday Egemen :slight_smile:

Happy birthday. :-TU

Happy Birthday Egemen, you share with my brother Rob.

Happy birtday,


You entitled to have a extra 30 minute break at work today (:WIN) If your boss says anything about it, just say jay2007tech said you could >:-D

Someone want to PM egemen? :stuck_out_tongue:

He doesn’t give a single drip of s…t, about your congratulations ;D He’s prolly sippin martini somewhere :stuck_out_tongue:

But anyway, happy B-Day Dr.Eggman :wink:


No I just wanted to give him my list of needed bug fixes and features. 88)

How nice of you. That’s exactly what he wants to get. ;D A Ferrari? Meh! A bug list - thats somethin’! :smiley:

Belated birthday wishes.
Is the party over so hopefully CIS6 unveiling soon :slight_smile:

Belated Happy B’day Egemen…