Happening right now ! Can't update virus database ! SOLVED !

It’s 1:44 pm here, Bucharest time ! My database version is 6579 and when I try to update it, it downloads in like a second to 6587 and then it says that it fails to download and to check my connection and try again later ! My internet is working fine, tested it with a tool from my provider and on speedtest.net !
Guess some maintenance is being done on Comodo’s side ! Hope it gets back on track soon !

hi.same problem here.its 11.50am uk time and cannnot update. :ilovecomodo:

■■■■, I though that I’m alone. I even try this and nothing.
XP SP3 if matters.

Hi ! Then for sure something is being done on Comodo servers. Maybe some maintenance or something. No biggie, I trust that servers would be back up soon !

hi.updating now. thanks team comodo.bye. :ilovecomodo:

Yep, looks OK now.

Yeah, updated it from 6579 to 6589 ! Solved !