Hangs/Pauses with VE in Firefox


I’ve tried a few versions of VE (including the latest version But, the last 2 or 3 versions all seemed to have the same problem.

When I’m using VE on an SSL (HTTPS) site, then it is genius & works well. But, when I’m just browsing using Firefox (without any SSL) I’ve noted freezes or pauses. This often happens when I use Firefox’s “Open Link in New Tab” to open 4 or more new tabs (in effect opening new multiple sessions). The whole browser seems to lock-up for a short period (probably some where between 5-10 seconds) & will not respond to tab changes, page scrolling or anything. These hangs/pauses do not happen when VE is not installed. Not a major thing. But, since my use of SSL is fairly light, I found it sufficiently annoying enough for me to uninstall VE.

I probably would have not uninstalled VE if it allowed a way for it to be disabled.

interesting… I frequently have about nine tabs open with firefox and have never experienced an issue like this with VE.

I wonder if some firefox extentions might be causing some issues… what extentions are you using, and what firefox version?

I am using Firefox and use the extentions listed in the screenies.

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Thanks for your response. On Firefox, I have the following extensions…

Adblock v5
Tab Mix Plus
Adblock Filterset.G Updater
SessionSaver .2
IE Tab

I think the only one I don’t have you do is Tab Mix Plus… what’s it do?

Is VE not reporting itself as an extention?

It just adds better tab control. Erm… it allows you to reopen any tab that you had previously closed during the current session, it has key assignments for tabs, mouse gestures & stuff like that.

Is VE not reporting itself as an extention?

Not any more, I uninstalled it. But, it was.

I wonder if VE didn’t get along with the mouse gestures? (:NRD)

I know on an HTTP page, VE will draw an animated mouse trail to the sites logo from wherever the mouse cursor currently is.

Just a thought.

Sorry, I don’t know. I’ve never used mouse gestures. I’ve gestured at my mouse a few times… But, I’ve bought a new one since then & that’s a different story. ;D

Mouse trails using VE… I don’t remember seeing any mouse trails.

If you are using the latest VE ( open VE from the system tray by selecting ‘options’ then select ‘VE Auto ID Assurance (VEAIDA)’ and check if this is off. If it is turn it on.

Go to http://www.zurich.com/main/home/welcome.htm and you should see a green trail automatically come from the mouse.

About your issue did it appear after installing the new mouse?


I did have But, the VE Auto ID Assurance was on.

But, I really don’t remember seeing any mouse trails (although mouse trails are turned off in the mouse software… could that be the reason?).

About your issue did it appear after installing the new mouse?

The mouse was installed months ago. I was really only making a poor joke about that. Sorry.

Sorry, I knew you were joking I just thought you meant you had recently installed it.

I doubt having trails turned off has anything to do with the problem, as I have them off also and can see the VE trails.

Did you try the Zurich site in my above post and did you see the green trails as you go to the site like that in the attached image?


[attachment deleted by admin]

Did you try the Zurich site in my above post and did you see the green trails as you go to the site like that in the attached image?

No, I would need to install VE to do that. At the moment I’m waiting for the CPF beta. Once I’ve got that settled, I’ll install VE & then try the Zurich site. OK?

Ok, sorry I missed that from your first post that it was uninstalled.


There is no need to apologise Mike.

I’ll run VE on the Zurich site within the next few days.

Ok thanks. Let us know how it goes.


Kail, i have had some problems (without VE) when Tab Mix Plus and Sessionsaver was installed at the same time. The problems was gone when i uninstalled Sessionsaver. TabMix has sessionsaving too, so they might go in to some conflict… I have not tried VE though, but it can be worth trying, to uninstall Sessionsaver…

AOwL, thanks for your suggestion. I don’t think TMP & SS conflict at the moment on my system. But, when I try VE again (maybe later this week) I’ll remove SS & see if makes any difference.