Hanging problem with Firefox, Thunderbird, and Internet Explorer

I’m having a problem with Firefox, Thunderbird, and Internet Explorer hanging. I built my system a little over a year ago and am running XP with SP2. Initially, everything worked fine - the hanging problem seems to have started sometime in the last 4-6 months.


While using any of the above mentioned applications, I get frequent instances of hanging lasting 15-20 seconds when I launch the applications, open a new Browser window or tab, click a button to initiate a action, refresh a page, check for new mail, etc.

I’m running Comodo Firewall and also Comodo AntiVirus Beta.


Was this problem caused due to CFP 3 and/or CAVS being installed by that time? Does the mentioned applications work fine if you disable CFP 3 and/or CAVS? You could disable one of them, then run the applications, so that we if it’s CFP or CAVS that’s causing the problem (if any of them).
What modes are you using for the firewall and Defense+? Anything in the logs for Defense+ or the firewall?


I just tried disabling both programs and the hanging problem seems to persist.

I initially was running the previous version (V.2) of Comodo Firewall and was using AVG Free Antivirus. I uninstalled AVG and switched to the Comodo Beta AV in hopes that AVG had been the problem but no change.

I upgraded to V.3 of Comodo Firewall Pro in the last month and have since completely uninstalled the program per the instructions on this site and ran the supplemental uninstaller program then reinstalled V.3 and still no change.

Kind of seems like something else may be causing the hanging problem???

Okay. Do you remember if you installed something, or did some other change to the system when it started to happen?


Unfortunately, I don’t recall when the problem started. In the course of the last year I have installed and uninstalled a number of different programs and have had new versions of existing programs installed.

I’m starting to feel my only course of action left is to do a complete reinstall of my OS :-TD

Do your browsers hang even in Safe Mode? Any relevant Event Viewer log errors?