hang up with comodo, hang up comodo

Comodo IS, vista 64bit home, ati2600xt, q6600, samsung 750

  1. comodo program crashes (attachement) - i think problem cooperation with powerpro 4.8
  2. in full screen games many times hung up games
    control window not see cant click on acceptation
    game not continued, cant run anything only RESET
    ctrl-alt-del not work, any combination not work
    i reinstall vista around 3 days, 1rst hungup on “counter strike 1.6 nonsteam”
    when i disable defence plus, i can play games

[attachment deleted by admin]

Such issue was often talked about.

See “Gaming Mode”.

This normally happens when you start a game in full-screen modus. I know about the problem.

Before you start a game, you have to switch D+ to training moder or to clean pc mode.

In this both modes, CIS learns the rules for an app already on your machine. I would prefer clean mode.

Hope this would help.

After the game was once configured, you can switch back to your mode you had before.

Note: If you are already in Clean PC Mode, you as to open the Settings where you can switch between modes, and close this. Now CIS learns every action of an app, that was on PC before switching to that mode.

I hope it would help you.