Hang Time and AOL Issues

I installed Comodo yesterday. I am experiencing two problems that may force me to uninstall. Oh no. But perhaps I can be taught!

One, I get 10 second or more hang times when I am opening a new page on the internet. Not always. But often. Yesterday, it was soooo slow that I rebooted and got quite a bit of relief. Maybe my COMODO is configured badly?

Two, I cannot access content on AOL welcome page. News, sports, features, other links off the home page. Especially if the content that I am trying to open has to load (photos or video). I just get a nonstop loading message or a blank screen. This is frustrating as I often take a quick look at news or recipes through the AOL daily welcome content. I admit it!

I would appreciate all instructions regarding configuring to solve these problems. I use Windows XP, Internet Explorer 7, Kaspersky AV, and SpywareBlaster. Many thanks.

Respun (:SAD)

Hi respun, welcome to the forums.

Which version of Kaspersky AV do you have?

I’m afraid that there are known compatibility problems between the Kaspersky engine (KIS, AVS and KAV 7+) & CFP. Comodo are aware of the problem & are working on a resolution for CFP 3 (which is the focus of all effort at the moment).

Edit: However, in saying that… mileage does vary on this. Some people have resolved their problems by changing the order that the programs were installed (maybe its just reinstalling both that fixes it for some). Although some versions of KAV/KIS refuse to install when CFP is present. No idea what Kaspersky think or are doing… or not, as the case may be. ;D

I have Kaspersky AV I installed Comodo first and could not install Kaspersky. So I uninstalled Comodo, then installed KAV, and then reinstalled Comodo.

Since my noteworthy problems seems to be in accessing AOL content and in slowly loading pages when I am using the AOL browser, I jumped to the conclusion that the firewall needed some configuration solution. When I use IE7 stand alone browser, I am pretty normal – maybe just a bit slower on loading pages.

Thanks for reading and replying. Respun (:NRD)