Hammering of MSCTF.DLL

CFP.EXE accesses MSCTF.DLL up to several hundred times a minute! :o

It makes my laptop completly unusable. I have searched for a solution both here and with google, but found nothing that could help. Re-installing CIS does not fix it either.

How do I fix this?

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This topic might help you here


Somehow I could not make a rule that would fix this, but disabling the language toolbar works for me.

I just installed the latest version on a clean xp install and the same thing happened there. I have also recommended cis to others and they have the same problem also, and it seems it will affect all who run cis on the Norwegian version of XP.

This has been reported as a bug for a long time it seems, so it seems Comodo doesn’t really care. It is a a shame that I cannot recommend CIS to friends and famly since everything else is so great about it.

Please make a bug report here.

Please included details of your OS and all other security software installed.

Thank you

I have made a bug report in the 3.10 thread, but this has been reported before many times it seems, and you even linked to a bug report from 2008.

I don’t have high hopes for a fix before CIS 4 is out :frowning:

it could be that msctf.dll want to be installed as a Hook in CIS.

The msctf.dll belongs to ctfmon.exe

I don’t know how your protection settings for CIS looks like, but if you have enabled Hook protection, then you should add msctf.dll as exception.
Another thing is, that you could add ctfmon.exe to image execution in protection settings.

I hope it would help.