Hamachi: Connecting & Outgoing works | Incoming Doesn't

Brand spanking new to Comodo thankx to the PC Mag review.

I depend on Hamchi and sure hope folks can help get me the final mile cuz I’d love to standardize my associates to Comodo.

I have Hamachi installed both on my XP Pro and on my remote, dedicated server that i attach to via RDC. So far, Comodo is only installed on the local box. I’m able to ping and browse files on the remote box via the Hamachi addresses but working backwards (from my RDC session) I can’t.

Comodo’s log show that it’s blocking the incoming attempts - ping attempts at port 137, file browse attempts at 3522 source | 219 Dest. UDP all around.

I’ve seen a number of threads addressing Hamachi issues - most ending unresolved | unanswered.

These two programs could be absolutely killer in combination for home and small biz users. Would very much appreciate some help nailing down this issue. Am open to the suggestion of downgrading to 2.4 if deemed advisable.

many thx

Hi, Steve

Do you have problem with connection when you set firewall to “disabled”? (rightclick on icon in tray->firewall->disabled)
What block entries do you have in Global rules?
What entries do you have for Hamachi in Application rules?
Which application appears in the log with 3522 source and 219 Dest.?

Stuff works as expected with FW disabled.

Global has:
Allow IP In & Out for my Router’s zone
Allow IP In & Out for my NIC’s zone
Allow IP out from IP Any - Protocol is ANy
Allow ICMP In ffom IP to IP Any where ICMP msg is Frag Needed
Allow ICMP In ffom IP to IP Any where ICMP msg is TIME Exceeded
Block & Log IP In from IP Any To IP Any Where Protocol is Any
(removing this block will allow Remote’s Hamachi stuff in)

I’ve added a Zone for Hamachi with a single IP of my remote box then a Global Rule (at the top) with Allow TCP or UDP; In/Out on any Port.

I’ve tried a variety of settings for Hamachi in App rules starting with Allow IP or UDP; In/Out; Any Source/Dest Address; IP Details = Any. Have also tried Treat as Trusted App.

The application logged to those Source/Dest ports is ‘Windows OS’. That must be dynamic cuz there’s only one entry with that combo.

Working with Defense+ off has no effect. Currently set down at Training Mode. Not sure if there’s any way to be more permissible with Hamachi traffic.

I’ve thought about by-passing the router (WRT54G) but since stuff works with FW disabled didn’t think that would have an effect.

mny thx

This doesn’t make clear what the rules actually are. Could you post screenshots of you global rules and the part of your application rules with Himachi in it?

Does Hamachi work properly when this global rule is removed?

If yes, do nothing, if no, do the following: diable D+ through GUI->D+ ->advanced->D+ settings->“deactivate D+ permanently…”->reboot.

Leave these global rules (delete others):

Run stealth ports wizard (GUI->firewall) twice. First time you run SPW select first option (“define a new…”)->choose your Router’s zone.
Second time you run SPW select first option->choose your remote box’ zone.
Then make sure block all ip in global rule is at the end of the list.

Leave it as trusted app for now.

Then check how Hamachi works now. If it is getting blocked, place here sample of the firewall log (GUI->view firewall events), make sure this sample is related to our case (compare the time you run Hamachi with time in log entries).
And explain please which IP address is related to your router, remote box, which is unknown etc.