Hamachi and Comodo Firewall...

Hello Comodo Firewall Techs,

I’ve posted in this forum before about this but just figured Hamachi at that time was to unknown. Now Hamachi boasts over a million users and is worth some attention.

I personally use WinVNC 4.12 on top of Hamachi, secured to ONLY use my Hamachi privatized IPs so that I can give my clients essentially a free Secure Remote Support Access & VPN client that I can use to give quality, safe Remote Support through.

I love Comodo’s Firewall but as yet have not been able to get it to allow my Remote Access to my clients without essentially disabling CFP.

So, does anyone know the formula for getting CFP configured to allow Hamachi and WinVNC? ???

My basic configuration appears below:

Hamachi uses private IP range and I configure WinVNC to simply and ONLY allow my support systems specific Hamachi IP addresses by entering these into WinVNC and ending with deny which forces WinVNC to disallow ALL other incoming IPs. Also a strong password is used on each client just in case someone/bot does manage to get past this. I disable the Java port 5800 option so that only the port 5900 is used.

With the Windows Firewall you simply add port 5900 as allowed through and the Windows Firewall asks on first run to allow or deny Hamachi, you choose allow and it works fine… Granted the Windows Firewall is kind of a joke whereas the Comodo Firewall is a veritable fortress so I expect to have to work a little harder to get things working just right.

Thanks so much for all knowledgable replies, Sheridan (:NRD)

BTW, I am a Spokane Teacher’s Credit Union member and have used the new Comodo secure login routine and it is very cool. STCU is the very best CU I have ever been with and now with this it’s even more secure and safe way to go Comodo & STCU!

Hello WhereAngelsr.

I confess to know little about Hamachi, which is why I went over to their forum. It might be worth reading this to see if it helps, if not come back.