Hamachi and CFP v3


Can anyone post the correct configuration to make Hamachi Vpn work with CFP 3?

I tryed to define the trusted zone and allow all the traffic from the zone to all and from all to the zone, but doesn’t work…

Really many thanks!!


I had hamachi installed on my system before I installed CPF3, and it works fine.

I used to have CPF2.4 & hamachi, and it required that hamachi be set up inside a Trusted Zone as a network device.

When I installed CPF3, I expected to receive pop-ups asking me to create a similar zone, but it never happened. Right now, hamachi runs from the Application Rules - and I don’t have it listed at all in the Network Zones or Global Rules. I let the CPF3 wizard handle it all when I installed the firewall.

Maybe I don’t have it set up correctly either - but hamachi works.