Half apps detected as malware.

Hello, today comodo mobile reported 99 apps as malware… All it says is “this app is malware, recommend uninstall” no info as to WHY it is malware no virus name nothing.

It reported system apps as malware, and the list of viruses included Facebook (well no surprise there :slight_smile: ), GMail, Maps, YouTube, you get the picture…

Does this mean that i have some malware that hooks my updates to install more infected apks or did you just do something wrong with the last database ?

A message would be helpful with at least virus name for the detected items like every AV does


Edit : BTW i also have McAfee and Sophos installed and they found nothing.
VirusTotal also finds nothing.

Hy, me too, 88 app (incluse Google Play) are infected by “ANDROID.10.TROJAN-SMS.JIFAKE” I am scared then I downloaded Avast who did not find anything, so I found this post and I comforted a little. My device is Chinese clone of Samsung S5. Where is the problem?

Hi guys,

Could you please update your virus DB and try again? Please let us know if you still observe the same issue.

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True, yesterday I updated the database and reports of malware have disappeared. So it was a false positive, luckily I don’t proceeded immediately to remove half of my world:-) 8)