had update error messages on my last version

So I upated to the new version on your website. Works for a while until i shut down the computer at night then the shortcuts on the desktop and startmenu stop working and cistray doesn’t work and there is no icon on the taskbar anymore. It doesnt show the firewall working in windows security center. Only cis.exe will bring up the console but nothing on the taskbar at the bottom. i don’t know what to do.

I don’t have the knowledge to dive deep into the problem but it does not necessarily be a problem of comodo. The update (I didn’t uninstall comodo before) runs well on my computer.
It may have to do with with Windows Update, as well. Don’t you have a backup? Try to uninstall comodo and install it once more.
One of comodo’s staff member surely will ask you for your version of Windows a.s.o. There is an instruction (questions to answer) when posting a problem:

and there you may find your problem and eventually a solution:


Can you detect your problem here? Problems some user have:


I searched now with google and found actually this (I, too, had once problems with WindowsUpdates):


Created on June 29, [b]2017[/b] Issues after KB 4022716 update After File Server update KB 4022716 and restart today, right click on taskbar icons, left click on start button, and left click on notifications icon to right of clock not working.

Comodo firewall and avast anti malware on this desktop, but not on my laptop.

The following won’t help you (maybe it will), but maybe a little consolation:

after update computer won't boot

Hello Libor, thank you for your feedback.

As I’d mentioned, “We’re still unable to replicate the issue”. Up until just a few minutes ago, we have not been able to replicate this issue at all, whatever we tried, and nobody had been able to provide usable debugging information. Those who were willing to try ended up having the problem go away prior to any information being gathered, so we were left with a problem we could not see to diagnose. Impossible as you might imagine. So no, we’re far from asleep, we have just not been able to get any usable data other than “it happens”, and that it’s with…

and then:

current Emsisoft Anti-Malware, Comodo Firewall, and Windows 7 x64.

By “up until this evening”, I mean that I just had a virtual machine with Windows 7 x64, Emsisoft Anti-Malware, and Comodo Firewall (free) lock up well after the desktop was loaded. I’m going to try gathering information if I can, if the problem repeats itself. So, some progress possibly.

I’ll post back here with workaround instructions should I find any, and update with fix status as well once that comes.

Here is the link:

Hi Caitlindarin,

Sorry for the trouble caused.
We are already working on this issue and fix is getting ready with help from users. Thanks for understanding.

Kind Regards,

Should be fixed in CIS