Had to uninstall Comodo

I have had to uninstall CPF for the following reasons

This morning it appeared ok but did not really check it. Later my email program started throwing up connection problems and I found I had lost my connection. Then noticed CPF was no longer running but CMDAgent was. I restarted CPF and all seemed fine.

Later I shut the computer down as I was going out. Restarting when I returned CPF was not running and letting anything connect out.

At the moment I do not feel I can rely on this f/w so have taken it out and gone back to an earlier drive image.


Sorry it did not work out for you.

thanks for all your 68 posts and feedback (just reading them thru and you managed to get every one of you post to be a negative one against CPF and Comodo :slight_smile: ! Wow…! You must win the most negative and anti-cpf/comodo award :slight_smile: ) and good luck with your firewall choice.

Now that you uninstalled CPF and did not work out for you, I guess we won’t see you here and wish you good luck! (unless you want to stick around and be negative for the sake of it :slight_smile: just joking…)


Hi Melih

There is no need to take this to a personal level. If you read my posts properly you would have found that they are not all negative.

What do you expect me to say when it does not work correctly? I am not going to praise falsely and keeping quiet does you no good if a fault I found is going to effect others.

All the faults found are genuine.

Surely you do not expect me to keep this f/w installed if it can stop working without any warning. In this last case it got removed by some means unknown to me and I had no warning it was no longer working. That is why lost confidence in it went to another one. I did keep the last log but cannot see why it should shut down.

The comments I have made were intended to help improve it. If you don’t want feedback I won’t bother.


While giving feedback, using not very positive words like “lost my trust”, “this firewall” , makes it impossible not to take this personally. Because CPF is our product. This is always the way you give us some feedback. If it continues this way, there is no way for anybody not to reply that way.

Here in this community, you have a chance to communicate with CEO and developers at first hand. I wonder if there is any company doing so. I wonder if you can even talk with a petty developer in other firewall vendor’s forums.

I think we all deserve a better attitude while receiving a negative or a positive feedback.


Well. I am almost lost for words with this attitude you are taking. What do you expect me to do when for no apparent reason the firewall I was relying on fails without any warning. I did not say “lost my trust”. I said

"At the moment I do not feel I can rely on this f/w "

That I think is quite reasonable. Instead of wanting to resolve it you embark on a personal attack. So be it.

Since I’m an end user, an thus do not take things personally, I took the liberty of looking through the last posts you’ve made on this forum.

I must say that unless you are trying deliberately to be negative in every post you make, you probably have a poor grasp of the English language.

However valid your claims may be, there are several ways of presenting information. What I’ve seen from your posts, is that you have chosen to have a negative stance from the beginning, instead of trying to be constructive.

So let me give you an example of the different ways of telling things:

1: The style you have chosen: You are a moronic fool who just tries to stir up trouble.

2: A bit more constructive: I think that you should try a bit harder not to attack the persons behind the product, and instead try to give objective reasons why you disagree with their product choices.

3: Even better: I think you could be a bit more contructive, and document your claims of why you think Comodo’s choices are wrong.

Remember that all members have the option to do a simple search to see the last posts made by you. Your choice of language, and your style of communicating gives the users a hint of how to weigh in your claims. Given your current style, you receive very little respect for your “work” on critisism. Simply because you give so much of it, usually in posts dripping with acid.

Just my €0.02


I agree with Svein (I also reviewed your posts), I saw many people, who claims, that a software is bad, just because they do not know to get it working properly, the good example is IE and security software like firewalls. I understand, how you feel about Comodo, because you are used to other firewall. I was also used to Outpost Pro, which I had for 3 years. It is allways hard to move to other software, that works in different way, that has different GUI along with the other things (like source & destination marking in Comodo), well it is a real chalenge, but it is definitelly worth of trying it, if you have good reasons. My reasons were: 1. freeware and 2. reliable at least as much as Outpost or more, and Comodo is the only freeware firewall I found, which suits both those, but if it does not suits yours needs, then you should look for another firewall and do not blame this one, just because it does not fulfill your needs. I wish, that you will find, what you are looking for. Good hunting, there are many good firewalls out there. :wink:

Your starting post:

“What did disappoint me with Comodo was the discussion in Wilders between Melth and Stem”
“At that point I lost confidence in the f/w and decided not to even d/l it”

Why did you come to the forum to tell us that? If you lost confidence why are you coming to our forums?

Your second post:

“I have now got rid of it and gone back to Kerio.

Out of interest. Kerio is accused of bloat but the program is only 5 mb whereas Comodo is over 14 mb. Makes me wonder.”

At that point you got rid off CPF but unlike anyone else who lost trust and does not have the software installed you continued to stay on the forum! Weird!

And you continue…

“I don’t really have much confidence in this at the moment since it seems to freeze, or at least when you get the f/w window up nothing happens when you click on the tabs”

Here again you uninstall CPF (again!)

[i]“I have now uninstalled Comodo and gone back to Kerio 4 and now have a much faster machine.

Browsing with CFW installed was just so slow.”[/i]

And even more… this time some FUD…

[i]“Maybe I will go back to Kerio since that does not need all this fiddling around with registration.

Makes me wonder that since it is a free program why you need to do this?”[/i]

And again you claim to re-install Kerio…again…

“I have reinstalled Kerio for a least that works well and has the HIPS function”

And at the point you start spreading even more FUD

“The other question is why it is needed at all on a free for life program unless there is another intention behind it??”

And more of the same…

“Keep asking this question and no one answers, but again, why does a free program need activation. What information are they trying to gather since I cannot see any other reason for it.”

And you start your FUD campaign:

“Well an activation code means nothing more than the program is installed and it could easily by uninstalled the next day. So to me that means that the program is phoning home all the time to let you know it is still installed, and what other information is it collecting from you? Since you are writing a security program you are quite able to bury anything you like in it and for us to be totally unaware.”

And you start attacking CPF again and looking for reasons to discredit it

“I have seen mentioned in a couple of threads a suggestion that CPF uses IE or at least IE rendering. Is this a fact? It would explain in part why the registration does not work with me as IE is totally blocked. I would also distrust any f/w that based itself on such a bag of nails.”

And you continue even start calling CPF a spyware!

“Just re-reading your reply here it occurs to me that by using a digital certificate you will be tracking our progress over the internet. Although this seems to be a good firewall, this activation process is the one that deters me from installing it. I really see no need for it unless you are using it as a form of spyware or other purpose”

And even more FUD
“So there has to be some form of feedback going on.”

And you attack the activation process and attempt to create FUD around it

“I am sorry but the way you have gone about the insistence of this activation process causes a nagging doubt”

And you keep telling people:

“I really have no faith in this f/w at all”

And even more:
“In view of my later comments I lost confidence in the f/w and removed it.”

And you repeatedly posting with the following statement:

“Can’t show you the packets since it is no longer installed. Do not have any confidence in it for this and other things I found.”

And again you keep repeating in numerous posts in an attempt to create a negative vibe around CPF
“That is why in its current state I do not feel compfortabe using it.”

And more…

“At the moment it is uninstalled as I do not feel a level of confidence with it.”

And even more stuff that I don’t care to copy and paste!

I think the readers will get the jist. Comodo’s success will hurt and already is hurting other security software providers. And there has been occasions where people have come to this forum and try to spread FUD about Comodo and its products and they have been found out. I am finding it hard to believe that your interest is genuine, although I could be wrong. I will let the readers of this post make their mind up.


Seem to really have upset you Melih, and that was not my intent. If that is your reading then I apologize. I do have a fault of being very black and white about things. In my own work the product has to be right and I am my biggest critic. Occasionally mistakes are made and they are brought to my attention and I have to get them right, but that is by the by.

I have no interest in any other company or association. All the faults I have brought up are genuine except the one on the LAN which was down to me, but no one responded on that anyway.

Some of the faults I have mentioned I note have been fixed in a later release.

All I can say that this latest post when CPF failed without warning worried me. A bit like the brakes failing on a car - you don’t keep driving it. Do really want me to keep using it, keep quiet about it, or let you know?

I am not the only one who has brought up faults only to be put down with personal attacks - is that really the level of discussions here?

Let me assure that I think you are doing a great job with this and have taken on quite a challenge but at the end of the day it has to work correctly whether paid or not. Would be a different matter if it was just a word processor or similar but you are working at the trust edge of the machine.

I hope you can now understand me a little better.


the issue is not about you reporting bugs or not! we, as you and everyone know, welcome that. I don’t think you will succeed in trying to convert this discussion to be about you reporting bugs and us being nasty! You can try, but won’t work :slight_smile:

Its the “negative campaign” you seem to be running against comodo and cpf! Maybe you should just give up, rather than keep coming to our forum, spread FUD and negative and unfounded assumptions about Comodo and its products!

Am I upset, maybe… am I trying to make sure CPF does not fall prey to camouflaged “users” whose intention is different than what it would seem, of cours I am. Am I taking this personally, you bet I am!


It’s disturbing that a negative voice brings this kind of vitriol.

Does everyone who doesn’t like the Comodo firewall work for another firewall manufacturer then?

I definitely don’t work for anyone to do with computers and I didn’t like the Comodo firewall at all.

Hi dl4me

Of course we value every user whether they had problems or not with our firewall. Actually the ones who had problem with our firewall gets our special attention as it is important for us to make sure we can fix those issues asap.

However, there is a difference in coming to our forums and searching for help to the issues that a particular user might have (and believe me the whole Comodo community is there to help, from our users to our developers) and some “alleged” users are coming and posting a huge number of negative posts about the company. Pls read what i had posted in the earlier post in the same subject. here is an excerpt:

"…thanks for all your 68 posts and feedback (just reading them thru and you managed to get every one of you post to be a negative one against CPF and Comodo ! Wow…! "

Coming to your reasons for not liking our firewall, we would love to hear from you in our wishlist section about why you didn’t like the firewall and what you would like to see in it pls. The more feedback we have about how we can improve the better.

thank you



dl4me: I checked your posts and you seemed to have 2 issues
1)Sys tray icon saying initializing (this is a cosmetic bug which is fixed in v3)
2)not being able to update MS updates: Soya responded to this suggesting a solution in the following post https://forums.comodo.com/index.php/topic,7807.msg56732.html#msg56732 but we did not hear from you whether that resolved it or not? Did it? We think you have unintenionally blocked the MS update hence you are having problems.
We do care about your views and we want to resolve any issues you may have, but we do need your feedback.

thank you

Point well taken (:CLP)
As far as support and feedback is concerned, so far I have found this forum quite ‘free flowing’ and informative with minimal personal confrontations. Melih, well you are “on top of it” which is great to see…good stuff!
As things would have it for me, I have installed a number of COMODO programs on a machine with many other security related software programs etc.
I kept some and uninstalled others… all without a single problem (:HUG)
So, while most have a positive experience with COMODO, some do not and I agree, this area diserves “special” attention.
Keep up the great quest and again…Thanks (:KWL)

What I didn’t understand is why people are complaining so much about comodo
Well i trust comodo

The only problem for me was(well i have created it) when i installed CAV(version 1.1) with macfee
anti virus.And it was completely my fault.I should have noted that it may create conflict
But i didn’t.

I believe comodo anti virus
And i recommend comodo for everyone

I used comodo on two computers, one desktop with win2000 and one laptop with win xp. On both comodo gave me nothing but problems, and that is why I won’n never use it again.
Om my laptop, I used it for two days, when it worked fine, but, one day, it blocked all internet access, everything, and even the program itself wouldn’t start all, but only a few services. I had blamed win for that, and was ready to format the disk and reinstall windows, when I figured out that it was comodo the troublemaker.
So, I am very dissatisfied with it. And, few people I know told me they had troubles with it.


I’m just curious, did you ask for help with your issues on the forum?

No. I did not. I saw that this firewall is not so good, so I stopped using it.
I say again, I am not the only one that complained about comodo, and deleted it.
First It looked good, but after only two days, the problems started. And then, I couldn’t connect on the internet for day and a half!
That is enough for me.
For those who are satissfied with comodo, I wish good luck. I am sorry that I couldn’t find myself among them.

Sorry that you had such a negative experience, blackbeast, and didn’t feel you could stick around to work on it. We are here to help with questions and problems, and IMO, we do a pretty good job of it. But if you don’t ask for help, we can’t give it…

Yes, a number of people have had various issues with CFP, as have I. Most of them are due to user configuration issues, because plain and simple, we are not used to a firewall that works the way CFP does. If we try to use or configure it the way we did our last firewall, we will probably shoot ourselves in the foot (so to speak).

If you are willing to make a go of it, we will most definitely provide you every assistance we can (provided that you ask; we cannot read your mind). If you cannot justify that to yourself and choose to use a different product, we will most definitely wish you the very best of luck.


afternoon folks. just my two cents worth. use firewall-boclean. installed both pretty much out of the box. think they are both great. can’t wait for the new versions. tried cavs beta but wasn’t sure how to correctly set it up. tutorial would be very handy like the one for firewall. great stuff. peobably the wrong place to post this. if so just let me know. frank.

hey blackbeast,

u gave up so early.

believe 1 day u come bak (:HUG)