had to uninstall and use something different.

I hope I am posting this in the right forum. In the last 2 weeks I installed CAV (v1.1) and Firewall. both products seemed to work great at first. they ran great and did not seem to be heavy resource users like other products I have tried, then I installed CAV v2+ (newest beta) and the firewall did and auto update to the newest version.

CAV hit on a file in the sytem32 folder and told me it was a trojan virus and quarantined it, well then immediately the blue screen of death appeared. Not sure what the file was because I never got the computer to reboot and had to reinstall the OS causing me to lose a whole bunch of important files. I know my computer did not have a virus because I had recently scanned it with Pandasoft’s and Bit defenders online scanners, and had not used the computer since.

None the less I reinstalled and decided to try CAV and firewall (newest beta) again with a fresh install. No other firewalls or AV software was installed. I found this time that my computer was slow to boot most times and sometimes did not boot at all, merely hung at a black screen. When It did boot, I kept getting the same alerts even though I had checked off to remember. Sometimes alert boxes would come up with the bottom allow/deny buttons missing, which sometime would force me to reboot the machine as it blocked what i was trying to do. As a side note, the ability to detach the alert boxes and drag them higher would be nice as sometimes they appear to low. Also noticed that alert boxes kept coming up for the same apps even though I had checked of to remember my choices. When I uninstalled my computer went back to normal.

I like the products and was impressed on the ease of use and effectiveness, I would like to continue using them, but as you can imagine I am a little gun shy now.

anyway, just wanted to put in my 2 cents.