Had to lose comodo today..

I had to uninstall the entire package today… it wouldn’t let me install FLASH, or Acrobat, etc… I had it in training mode… adobe was listed in the trusted sites but nothing I did would work…

Its just too ■■■■ hard to work with… Sorry, but its not for me…

Well if you come back and try Comodo when version 3.9 comes out with the big improvements that I have read about that they are making in the program I am sure you will find it much easier and won’t have so many problems so I hope you do come back I am sure you will like it alot better It will be a much easier to use program then

did u read the help file ?
i installed flash with no prob, i dont use acrobat but foxit reader works fine.
when u install something, u know u can put comodo in install mode.
and what’s in training mode, the FW or Defense+ ?
if defense+ is in training mode, all will be installed without any prob,
u can add ballons messages to see what comodo is learning.
nothing is blocked in training mode so there’s something wrong with your comodo config,
maybe u blocked something that is the cause of your problems…

Yes, I had it in install mode… It was the SafeSurf that woudn’t let me install…

Speaking of install mode, even though i’d select install mode, a hundred pop-ups would appear asking me to allow ro block… You would think that when installoing something in install mode it wouldn’t ask you any more?

This was instaloled on a enw PC which I was configuring with all my normal apps… I may revisit comodo someday, but for now, it was adding far too much time to the task at hand.

You do not require SafeSurf from v3.8 and above as it is included with CIS.

Well You should not have your browser open while installing ANYTHING. Did you save the files or did you run them straight from your browser?

Hi Wavfact,

Regarding the adobe problem ,this happens because of the Buffer Overflow vulnerability discovered in the version 9.0 of Adobe Reader. More info about the adobe vulnerability you can find in this topic https://forums.comodo.com/empty-t34921.0.html
In order to install Adobe you will have to temporarily disable Safe Surf and try again.
If you want (I recommend) you can uninstall Safe Surf because as John Buchanan said earlier 3.8 version has the Buffer Overflow protection built in.