had problem with IE7 - CFP & BOClean, may have found a solution.

Had backed up to IE 6 SP1SP2 afer deleting CPF, BOClean & IE7. Both work with IE6 SP2 and I knew where to install Funky Toad under Security Tab sites of Internet Options. In the Trusted sites, put in, unchecked the box for https:, http://www.comodo.com, http://forums.cnet.com both are showing trusted sites now. Added, http://www.microsoft.com and other sites like http://www.firewall.comodo.com, will add this to that plus the link for BOClean. It said: Trying to access to a Trusted Site. (Y or N) Yes!! (:CLP) :BNC Eureka!! I think I got it!! (:LGH) Chris7
The rest at Comodo can try to see if this works. (:TNG)

Had to add: http://www.comodogroup.com & http://forums.comodo.com, the latter was okay until I hit the comodogroup.com - these is now listed as a trusted sites. Will have to see the listing for Internet Explorer http:// ???. may be different.