Had a scare on installation

Downloaded and installed Comodo Firewall today.
Had a scare after re-start.
Monitor (LCD DVI) stayed Black and the on lite was lit. Windows loaded properly (I could hear my wav files.
I started to panic, but decided to try unplugging and restarting the Monitor - Problem solved ! Phew !
Anyone else have this happen to them - Kinda Nosey as to why this may have occured.
No other firewalls running, and no power saving features on
I thought Sygate Firewall was good, but this program is the GREATEST.
Thanks in advance (:AGL)

Hi, I have heard of and seen this but not “usually” due to an install. It may have been the fact it was the restart at that time, not the install. I have this happen on my HP a couple of times a month and usually have to shut pc off and restart or unplug monitor same as you. Not sure why but typically a driver issue or a simple hiccup would be my guess. I see this more on 2 year old machines and up. Other things could be , if you have a video card, they can rise sometimes due to heat and cold and may loosen or if a ■■■■■ loosens or too tight. The cable may simply have been loose as well. I don’t think it was anything serious but if it re-occurs then post back definately. Could it be a software install? It can happen, usually only once as the system tries to catch up and drivers can at first not work correctly and another restart is requried or unplug etc…Not a big issue either unless this reoccurs constantly as stated. It’s really hard to say but this isn’t uncommon for DVI \LCD as it would have been for CRT, so in your case, keep your reciept. A lot of people start off like this and suddenly the monitor gets worse and no longer works.

With that said, to sum it up, it may be a gliche, nothing to worry about. If it keeps happening, uninstall Comodo, if still, check to make sure it’s not DVI adapter or Gcard, if STILL happening>get warranty papers :wink: it may be on the way out.