Had a nightmare about ransome ware.

Disclaimer: This was a dream and I do not “cheat” or ■■■■■ software anymore.

Well, it does say general discussion and it does say Anything and everything… So I’m going to share my last night’s dream.

So yesterday I was playing around with Zemana AntiLogger and was pondering whether to buy it or not, with the help of this forum I decided that I didn’t want to buy it since it seems to have some bugs on my system and it’s a yearly payment (I don’t agree with yearly payments for software)

But anyway, I’ve had a past with “cheating” the system and using keygens or cracks etc to get software working (I don’t do that anymore and I haven’t done it with Zemana AntiLogger, don’t worry.) And so I assume my mind decided it was a good idea to include that in my dreams. :wink:

((Since this was last night’s dream, I can’t remember exactly how everything happened… you know because dreams are easily forgotten even if you try not to forget.))

–Start of dream–

So from what I can remember my dream started out by me sitting at my computer and playing around with Zemana AntiLogger, but then “for some reason” I decided to use a keygen to ■■■■■ the software. I already had the keygen on my computer and I right-clicked it and ran it in the Comodo Sandbox. Everything was working fine.

Now you might be asking “I thought you said it was a nightmare?” Well after Zemana AntiLogger was cracked I started noticing a noticeable slower computer and then suddenly things started flashing on my screen and files on the desktop changed icons and file extensions and then lastly, the all too familiar Ransomware lockdown. I don’t know about you but I have emotions in my dreams and the sudden fear and panic of losing all my files and having to re-install Windows made me wake up in sweat. I thank god it was just a dream.

–End of dream–

So as you may see there are a few problems with this dream, but as you may know dreams don’t give a rubbish* about logical problems. What I mean is that I was using CIS in the dream, and I was also using the keygen in the sandbox of CIS, yet it completely trashed my computer, that is of course something that wouldn’t happen without an alert from CIS the way I have it set up.

So yeah that is my dream and it’s the first nightmare I’ve had in a log time, or at least that I can remember. Now as you may have seen there is a poll in the top of this thread, basically I’m wondering if you have ever had any computer security related dreams? If you have, then please share! :slight_smile:

Thank you for reading, just something I wanted to share and I look forward to seeing any replies (if anyone even read this ;D)

I like the part where you correctly spell the word “losing”. After seeing instance after instance of people writing “loosing”, I thought maybe everyone on the internet had forgotten how to spell it.

Ha ha ha LOL! Good one! :slight_smile: Sometimes you can get some strange dreams but no I never had a dream or a nightmare about the computer security… :smiley:

Usually in our dreams we see our desires, what we love or fear but sometimes simply thinking about something for the whole day can give you a dream about it. Amazing thing the human brain… :slight_smile:

Funny you mention that, I was actually going to write “loosing” but then I this kind of itch about that word and I went to look it up and as I thought it was the wrong one :wink: so then I changed it to the right one.

It’s actually a really easy thing to miss for many who doesn’t have English as their main language, for example I never learned that in School but rather from being on the Internet (the irony in that) and actually trying to better my English. I think more schools should at least have a part where they focus on these easy misses.

Yeah I have gotten some weird dreams, I have some favorites one which includes Pink cartoon zombie sheeps, and another one including a creature which was a combination of Gabe Newell, The Boomer from L4D, The Patriarch from Killing Floor and Santa - had to kill him by vacuuming his beard off. (Which I think was a pun at Steam’s “VAC” anti-cheat system, but that might have been a coincident)

Hi SanyaIV,
I am glad to hear that some things from the past are exactly that, the past. :-TU

I don't appear to remember much in the way of dreams at all.

Computer related dreams.
Umm I have been known to wake up at some ridiculous hour thinking of a resolution to a problem a user is having on the Forum or some other Forum issue.
When this happens I either write my thoughts down or get out bed and login to reply, if I don’t by the time morning comes it is forgotten.
I do not remember actually dreaming about it though, not sure if it counts as a dream for your poll. :-\

I use Zemana as along with Comodo, Emsisoft and Trusteer Rapport blocked financial malware on AntiLogger Featured on BBC Click Special Investigation