Hacking attempt NEED URGENT HELP

Hello! My PC was working good until today. Today my PC going crazy in memory RAM usgae making my PC impossible to use. I never had that issue before, my PC is healthy and powerful enough. I been a victim of hacking before. I use max settings in CIS, use Norton DNS and use Malwarebytes. No viruses or programms were notified to me by Comodo. I shut down my PC using power button. I don’t want to start it again as I don’t want it to burn. Any ideas what can I do? Today this high ram usage is very abnormal.

P.S I’m using other PC now…

High RAM usage in its self does not necessarily mean you were hacked. It could be an error in a regular program.

To be on the safe side boot into Safe Mode and run Comodo Cleaning Essentials, Malwarebytes Antimalware, Hitman Pro and Super Antispyware.

I know. First of all I got no programs which can conflict or drives, no errors. I was a victim of some hacker in the past. And it all starts with high ram usage after which my PC is dead. Not this time.

Also I use cabled connection which you know is unsafe. The network is not that strong to break in and see all PC’s as I live in the student accommodation for now. Not talking about if somebody does it from the inside.

Also my PC give other signs like different operating system after reboot and some other strange things like typing password 2 times. You name it. I know hacking when I see one.

My PC is back to normal now after 2 days of hard work on it. No infection go figure.

Did you make sure there were no infections on the computer by following my guide? It should let you make sure there are no infections, even if the malware had never been seen before.


Done all of that. Thanks