Hi I am new at the comodo forums , but I used comodo before and I have no complaints about it.

But I am a bit worried.
My firewall blocks alot of connections , alot from the same ip. (50 from one ip - 50 from another ip) and so on.

296 connection attemps , isn’t that weird?
The connections come from “Windows Operating system” “System” “svchost.exe”
Is it something I have to worry about?

Is it an update , or any similar? Or is it a hacker , sorry if this is a stupid question , but I am worried :frowning:

Also I apologize when I posted this in a wrong section , thanks in advance people!

Are you, or have been recently, downloading torrents?

I remember I downloaded few torrents , but this was before CIS was installed , I un-installed uTorrent though
Thanks for the quick reply

Post snapshots of the FW logs and details of your PC and internet conection.
If someone doesn’t give you an idea in one or two days PM one of the mods.

How I post snapshots? How I make them? thanks

Here , this is a log , the ip’s i blocked are all the same , so always from the same ip:

[attachment deleted by admin]

Are you behind a router or connected directly through modem?

Router , thanks

We are having a simalar problem here https://forums.comodo.com/firewall-help/some-what-fixed-dcom-exploit-bypassing-comodo-blocked-by-avast-t52004.0.html Come join if you like.

I would like to receive help here a bit , i’m not into this stuff you know :stuck_out_tongue:
Am I safe? anything strange going on?
Pls explain:D

Yes you are safe. Nothing to worry adout. Goto and read all my link provided above and all will be explained. Any questions, just come back here n post.

Nothing wrong with “uTorrent” i use it all the time

Whatever torrent, instant messenging, social networking, p2p… application is by definition a security threat as it can’t work if not opening a large range of random ports the final user won’t be able to control if he wants to keep the said application at work.

There’s some kind of paradox with people wanting in the same time to use these applications and to abide to high degrees of security protection.

I may be saying something stupid but what I read in your log is that someone is probing your ports one by one.
Send A PM to Ronny Comodo Forum and alert him to this thread. He seams to know his lesson about connections.

What do you mean exactly?

I’ve sent a PM to a moderator to take a look at your situation.

Ok thanks

If you look at the Ports on the right of your screen-shot, you will notice that they are increasing 1 at a time; like something from the outside searching for a way in, or Malware on the inside looking for a way out.

It’s probably just a safe application. I wouldn’t worry too much.

He wants to make sure. And, in fact, I’m curious myself.

I wasn’t telling him, “not to worry”. Just, “not to worry too much”.