Hacker Still Trying To Make Life Miserable Attention JayTech

Hi Jay (and others)

I wanted to let you know I wrote you back in private messages. I’ve been having a lot of difficulty with the Comodo forums as far as logging in and these demented hackers may want to stop us from communicating-Tamar thinks that guy who wanted to VPN my computer who only had three posts was probably connected to them and I don’t doubt it-the bastards are sneaky and real trouble.

Every time I try to log into Comodo it fails and I always end up having a password link set so I know the hacking extends to this forum and he doesn’t want me posting here. I started a new topic because I spent about 15 minutes looking for the old one when I finally logged back in and couldn’t find it.

I just did another fresh reinstall and after running Comodo and ASquared (thanks) and getting clean readings I created a fresh set of recovery discs which I think will be a good thing. For one thing, after I updated the fresh install I tried to install a couple of supplemental upgrade files I had saved on DVD. The bastard ruined those-I can tell-because the disk loaded slowly and after I loaded those programs the next web page I went to loaded slowly-a sure sign that that DVD was contaminated with a virus, bots or both. So I ended up throwing that DVD away and starting with ANOTHER fresh install-the second one today.

There is some good news-one of these guys hangs around Tamar’s aunts place and harrasses her-Tamar found some paperwork crumpled up on the ground outside that indicated he missed an important court date-one that she said was printed in all caps on the paper-we’re serious-you better be here, etc. Apparently one of these jerks-the one that used to be a psychologist-was arrested near a school for possession-she figured that out by looking up the penal code on the paper. Apparently that’s a felony in California so that should take care of one of these jerks-one more to go and he’s apparently wanted for a felony drunk driving accident in Santa Barbara. That would take care of both of these jerks permanently. For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about details are here at my MySpace page:


Fortunately one of the really important upgrade files on the DVD this ■■■■■■■ ruined I also have on another DVD so once I reinstall I should be good to go. I’m always being extra careful and disabling that services.msc list and that seems to help but he’s always trying to get in-just before these recent problems started I got a text about such and such access granted voip skype. Also apparently he’s using my number to sign up for Skype accounts, then threatening people or stealing phone service-for example, Tamar told me my number showed up as three different numbers in text messages in the course of just one day. Skype custiomer service is practically impossible to contact-in fact there is no such contact information ANYWHERE on their website-I don’t have a Skype account, never had a Skype acount and based on the level of unprofessionalism at that company I never would. It appears all they’re interested in doing is taking customers money as much as possible and not resolving problems. I finally found someone through Twitter named Peter at Skype and I sent him some private messages about what was going on and told them to look into it. I’ll certainly be eager to sue the living ■■■■ out of them if they don’t and this continues to get worse and I hope there are attorneys out there eager to take on such cases. Knowing this, I would never, never, ever have any business dealings with Skype now or in the future.

The problems started this time with some bogus anti-malware thing about Bluetooth shortcut missing. I ignored it but it still got in somehow. There were other things too like the phony Adobe agreement a lot of you have probably seen-it pops up out of nowhere-and is nothing but malware-every time I see that thing I immediately turn the computer off and do a bios change restart-sometimes I have to do it twice to get rid of it.

Anyway that’s whats going on and I wanted you to know I am very much appreciative of all the useful advice yourself and other Comodo users have given me.

What’s going on with Time Machine? Is it configured for Vista 64 Bit RAID yet? That would be a really helpful tool for me to have I’m sure.

Oh by the way this computer-Sony AW290 Premium-is sure to increase in value, I think. Sony stopped making these-in fact they’ve stopped making 18.4 inch laptops all together-to concentrate on the new 16.4 inch F series, which is the followup to the FW series. Even without that, this Sony model has an RGB screen like the top of the line Apples and Sony no longer makes this screen available. On top of that, the only way to get this screen was by purchasing the premium option which included the Adobe Photoshop Lightroom program. It’s a professional graphics program and a true HD professional graphics monitor-unheard of in laptops-I don’t even know if Apple has such an option and even if they did Apple doesn’t do BluRay playback-let alone BluRay recording. So I would think this will soon be sought after by professionals who want that Adobe program and the high quality screen with colors accurate enough for professionals and I don’t think its going to be on the market again until next year at the very soonest-if then.

Despite all the problems from these jerkwad stalkers/hackers it’s still a top notch computer and has survived the very worst they could throw at it. Yes, I’d definitely like to add a Linux OS for extra protection once I can teach myself that level of expertise-its for certain the things I’ve learned about combating spyware, malware and all of that through this hacking has made me a better computer person and hopefully I’ll just keep getting better.

I have an idea how we might be able to nail this ■■■■ once and for all who not only sells drugs to school children (both of them , to my knowledge do this)-one is also quite possibly a child molester (judging by both what Tamar has told me and some of the stuff he’s written about the subject at the kidnapping blog I wrote)-also part of the reason one of these jerks was ordered by the State of California to rescind their license to practice psychology was because of allegations made by underage patients of inappropriate conduct-this, again, according to Tamar. I don’t know either one of these jerks except through her and if she had had the good sense not to give them the time of day after a now disgraced nurse introduced her to them, none of this would be happening. But-maybe it’s a good thing that it is-without my intervention at this level it’s quite likely they would never be caught and face the justice they richly deserve at this point-which is a lengthy, lengthy prison sentence-they’ve both been there before numerous times so perhaps this time we can make it stick. And while I myself am hardly perfect I have not been arrested for ANYTHING in nearly 25 years and never for a felony. Further, I would never dream of profiting from selling drugs to children nor of any kind of inappropriate conduct with children-lately at MySpace I’ve been writing about a four year old girl I met through her mother and stayed with a few days (her photo is on my page: www.myspace.com/370392338 but that was fun, a normal healthy relationship between a child and adult that children need to be happy and grow from, and always with her mother right there. It didn’t work out because the mother had issues of her own and I only stayed with them a few days, but that doesn’t make her daughter any less lovable or adorable.

Anyway, I had to do another reinstall early this morning after a series of annoying spoofed phone calls and this text message which apparently is the real deal because the bogus bluetooth shortcut removed malware appeared after that and a bios restart could not get rid of it. This is the text message:

5:20 am

Axess grantd ubunktu s2.7gg puppie linux voip win32/trojanxcvd

After the reinstall I installed and ran Comodo immediately and it kicked the same virus it always does on reinstall. But it missed this one that ASquared picked up-in fact, 17 traces of the same virus!

Trojan.Dropper.Win32.Agent.bkbf! (that exclamation mark is supposed to be there) A2

These are the beginnings and ends of the location of all of those viruses:

Beginning part: File:C\ProgramFiles (x86) InstallShieldInstallationInformation

and the end part: setup.exe

This is the code from just one of these viruses picked at randomput here as an example (putting all 17 wouldn’t serve a useful purpose, I don’t think)

3D173DC5-4AE5-4B3F-9819-3977DD11B1D (and the last digit in the sequence is either the letter oh or the number zero)

I think maybe now would be a good time to ask people in the Los Angeles area to contact me who have computer expertise and we might be able to work something out in an effort to trap these guy(s) who are likely breaking into government and other public computers to do this.

My contact information is as follows:

Rodney Peterson 310-498-6394 (text messages are okay too)



The following cities and school districts are known to me to be bases for these individuals various criminal activity-selling drugs and the like:

Santa Barbara
Thousand Oaks
North Hollywood

It’s possible he might intercept phone calls or E-Mails (he does this all the time when Tamar tries to call)-you should be able to tell in a few minutes (or sooner) if you’re really talking to me or not and we can proceed-I’m going to be very careful when I talk to anybody about this but I’m confident it can be done.


Continue to need help with this…the idea is there are people out there smarter than me and smarter than this jerkwad-so I think it’s possible to lay a trap out and nail him-he’s known to break into public computers and for one of these guys there used to be a link to a government website in the State of California that contained the seven page document in which he was ordered to rescind his license to practice psychology in the State of California by the court-they hacked into it and removed it obviously because that link is no longer on line-I have hard copy of those documents which are seven pages in length printed on legal paper-the case number is W-194 Before The Board Of Psychology Department Of Consumer Affairs State of California. There is something called an OAH number that is as follows: L-2000120144 This refers to Psychological Assistant Registration No. PSB 25328 dated July 13, 2001 to become effective August 12, 2001. It is a stipulated surrender of license and order. The person who lost their license is one of those who continues to take and sell drugs as detailed further on the MySpace page.

Sony has recommended a reinstall using their factory created recovery discs-if that doesn’t work it’s possible the hard drive has been corrupted and will need to be replaced.

Welcome back

whenever you install windows , be sure to go to the regedit and delete anything called “bluetooth”. I’m guessing disabling a service is just not going to cut it.

I'm always being extra careful and disabling that services.msc list and that seems to help
swweeeett, that makes his job a little tougher :-TU

BTW comodo time machine is out

Put this in a clean pc before considering oging on the internet AND have everything just the way you like it BEFORE GOING ONLINE. Save everything with CTM Comodo Time Machine That way, when you get attacked, you can go back to the way it was before the attack. As Often as necessary

Also, in the mean time I pulled this from a different site, maybe yes maybe no

BTW, someone tried to hack this computer I had(about a week ago), the intruder didn’t get very far. The computer for this setup for has certain stuff for this occasion, but I wish my attacker the best of luck trying to reinstall windows or even linux if that is even possible at that point. :slight_smile:

You can check out this guide:

Some of the products mentioned here may be of use to you.

Continue to need help with this...the idea is there are people out there smarter than me and smarter than this jerkwad-so I think it's possible to lay a trap out and nail him-


  1. Asking people to help you catch an alleged criminal, while not illegal, it just plain dumb!

  2. If you have PROOF of criminal activity, then take it to the police. It’s their job.

  3. If you don’t have PROOF, it is really unwise to broadcast your suspicions in a publicly accessible forum like these.

  4. I beleive that it is not in your best interests to publicise the fact that you have court documents, no longer puiblicly accessible, to which you were not a party. Depending on your jurisdiction, you may be leaving yourself open here.

  5. It is bordering on the insane to post your personal contact details here. If the alleged bad guys didn’t have all your contact details before, they do now. I’ve left your personal details up here and will leave it up to you to remove/modify them.

Ewen 88)

Panic does make a good point and I have to agree with him on this issue. Besides this is about as far as I can help you from this point on. Feel free to try out CTM Comodo Time Machine and/or ubuntu idea

I would try CTM (on a clean machine) before even considering linux

I hope you can embraced on what you learned here, Hopefully they’ll all be in jail one day

Keep It Easy and hope your book does good :slight_smile:

Topic locked.

Sorry, everyone, I just couldn’t stand it any more.