Hacker says Windows is more secure than Mac; calls Apple fans "ignorant" [duh]

Hacker says Windows is more secure than Mac; calls Apple fans “ignorant”

I have always disliked Apple anyway. They are a disgrace to the fruit family. 88)

Apple just wants to contol EVERYTHING that EVERYONE does. They should go into a partnership with “Big Brother” Google. 88)

Two Castles…

One is built very secure…huge, thick walls…the other is not…
the one built very secure is always under attack…the other is not…

Now…the question is which one to live in? Definition of secure is the issue…

is it the design of the OS that is secure or not, or whether one is attacked more frequently or not…


I guess it’s all relative.

You think hackers and malware writers don’t write malware for Mac just because it’s market share is small? Please… Hackers ■■■■■ programs and games just for fun and honor and to “stick it to the man” not only for money. So I think they would write a couple of thousand malware “just cause”

But they don’t. Why? 88)

Maybe they do. :stuck_out_tongue:

Or maybe they “get more honor” if more people can use / get infected by their creations. I.e., on Windows. :stuck_out_tongue:

No they don’t. Cos the community is much more aware. Same with Linux.

I know some stupid Mac users. 88)

Don’t know many stupid Linux users, though. Rarely know ANY Linux users. :stuck_out_tongue:

Note: The word “stupid” in this post is “computerwise”…they might be smart in others areas.

Of course there are many “stupid” Mac users. But they don’t get exploited in the ways Windows users are. Trough IE >:-D

And they ■■■■■ programs much less frequently.

I don’t know much about Mac, excepting that one of my sons has (or had) 2: the first one was stolen, also a larger “security flaw” in Mac as compared to Windows.

Mac gurus say that the first argument (market share) is about to disappear since OS X is supposed to win larger market parts.

So, yes, OS X is now more and more under attack.

Nevertheless, these same gurus point out a fact not outlined in the linked discussion and in this forum: OS X is Unix/BSD based, and as such default running under a limited account while the root account is supposed to never be touched.

Of course, and even if the administrative windows account is less secure then Unix root privileges, the flaw is windows-dependent: windows does not run by default under limited account, and this results in very few people enforcing such a behavior.

As for the polemic title, it is very true that many Mac people believe that Mac is invulnerable to virus, but it is also true that Mac is largely used in specific professionnal conditions (traditionnally computer assisted publishing), these professionnals being less prone to surf www.thelowestofmyback.com and p2p.

Globally speaking, the Mac world becomes aware of internet risk, and i don’t think anyone can assert today that Mac is less or more secure then Windows when speaking of “modern risks”:


even if Apple still titles, speaking of Leopard,

Mac OS X doesn’t get PC viruses.
, but says next that if it does so, it is with the help of applicative similar to those of the windows world:

For example, it prevents hackers from harming your programs through a technique called “sandboxing”

Windows is patching 17 year old vulnerabilities - that says it all. :slight_smile:

No it doesn’t.
It says they are patching.

Windows is more targeted only because it has a market share of close to 90%.
But there is an array of options to protect it.

As to MAC and Linux users they would never know how their system is, simply because there are no tools available; no MBAM, no CIS (V3), no Avira, no GMER… etc. It’s a no man’s land.

Linux is free; but to pay some 50% more for a Macintosh instead of a Toshiba smells of urbanite show off.

I’d have to disagree with you…it seems often that a large % of Mac users seem to be the “cool” people. Usually they are pretty medicore pc users…

Girlfriend tells me “My MAC can’t get viruses. ha” (Cause she knows that im a security dude…so she think she’s smart…) I tell her “No, That’s just what you’ve been told”

Her face:: ???
I post her a couple links to some information, She’s over her head in within 1 minute.

I think the ONLY reason that in general Linux users are generally that bit knowledgeable is cause they have to install their OS which significantly lowers the userbase…

Mac\Windows get baby fed, Come pre-installed. Try getting Mom’n’Pop to install an OS. ;D
Anyone that installs an OS isn’t a rocket scientest but they at-least know the basics…

Man you people haven’t even used either Mac or Linux and your still talking. M$ just recently patched a 17 year old vulnerability from the DOS era on Windows 7.

I can speak for Linux, MAC I have a little bit of XP with when the girlfriend has to have me trouble shoot some problems with.

Linux users would never know how secure their system is,
are you serious????? It's open source for a start. So their are alot of eyes looking at the code that goes into it. There are extremely frequent patches\updates. Have you ever heard of sudo\root access? unless it's bypassed (Good luck with that, Linux was built around user accounts\security) You'll get a pop up asking for elevated privileges.

There are also tools to check system ‘Integrity’
Don’t spread FUD.

I don’t know how you can come out with that statement…
But here in my country; Apple product = Ignorant FanBoy/Girls
Most of them can’t even connect to their LAN printer all the time.
Heck, even the local Starbucks & most Cafes had to set their Wi-Fi security so low just so this groupies can connect smoothly.

How do I know this?
I’m a freelancer tech-support holding 10+ big companies name at my country’s capital.

I may be wrong, but as I see it, there ios a flaw in your login in that you have equated hackers (actually they’re referred to as crackers) with malware authors.

You said “Hackers ■■■■■ programs and games just for fun and honor and to “stick it to the man” not only for money. So I think they…” where you imply “they” are “hackers” and they could easily create malware. They may be able to, but malware authoring , other than the script kiddies using “roll your own” creator kits, is generally done by professional or semi-professional teams who contract themselves out to the highest bidder.

IMHO, they are two distinct sub-cultures - crackers do it for the apps/games, the intellectual challenge and the thrill of “sticking it to the man”. Malware authors, like the card skimmers and personal detail pharmers, are in it for the money.A cracker may cross the divide, but I suspect that the lure of cold hard cash will keep him on the wrong side once he gets there.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Look I was generalizing things, I know the Wikipedia differences between cracker, hacker, and malware writer, black hat, white hat and whateva.

If Mac’s are so insecure and have so many dumb users - write a couple of hundred malware a day and you’ll sure come up with some profit. ;D

I think I remember someone with a Mac getting infected in the last year or so.



He’s not saying Mac’s are immune. He’s saying that " If Macs are so insecure, why isn’t there much more malware on them? :wink: "