Hacker Exposure Check

I use Secruity Scan with Norton Security (Online), on this link:


And after scan it’s my result:

Tests your TCP ports for unauthorized Internet connections.

WARNING! Unauthorized persons can make connections to your computer. This means your computer and data are not safe from hackers. To learn more about why you are at risk

Install a personal firewall. If you already have a personal firewall, make sure it is correctly configured for optimum protection.

I really can’t understand this result!

It’s me:

  • Comodo Personal Frewall v2.3.6.81
  • I don’t change SETTINGS


I took the test without activex controls (it skips some tests) but I passed the port tests. No open ports found. I have a router and also use Comodo Personal Firewall v2.3.6.81

Looks like something is not set right in your CF?

The symantic test wants to download some activex controls, which I don’t like to do. Try this online test which is easier to use:


Ok, Thanks man;
I’m use Firefox so can’t see ActiveX!

I now test it with your link & it’s my result:

We completed the audit and did not find any open ports.
This is ideal for the average visitor.

Are you sure it’s really work! ???

I again test from Symantec with Comodo Firewall v2.4.2.102 Beta & anything is SAFE (B)

their test is total ■■■■ dont trust it as i have found the same result with any firewall even windows firewall and it alwas seems to fails randomly at their stupid test their is no other test on the web or even using ones own test tools that can get those random failures like their test seems to find…
clean your logs then run the test then report back your logs after the test is done…

I haven’t used the symantic test before so I don’t know how good it is, but I have used the auditmypc test:


and when I have CF disabled (ALLOW ALL) it does find the open ports I port forwarded to my pc from my router (used for netmeeting) when I disable CF. When I enable (CUSTOM) CF , the same test does not find the open ports. So I know that the auditmypc test DOES work and CF is doing it’s job keeping those open ports stealthed to the outside, even when I’m using them in netmeeting.