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When my finance click on this website URL Removed by Moderator For Safety it says: hacked by Myteril - TurkDarbeTeam. How should I interpret this?

She has Mac, the application firewall is one with no AV. She thinks the mac has been hacked or that it has a malware.

I have looked it up at virustotal.com, CIS didn’t give any indication that i have received malware or anything in that kind. I have also looked at http://siteinspector.comodo.com/addsite_en/ and nothing.

Thx in advance,

Stat’s and Whois Report

So far it seems a California Eye Care - Laser Eye Center Website, Which I’ve searched google for these key words and no result that comes up with that website…

It was first 'created by http://www.marcus-buchwald.de/
Who is the web developer? Marcus Buchwald
Who-Is: Whois Lookup Captcha
I honestly do not see any threat in the HTML/Java
TurkDarbeTeam. is souly a Gamers Clan (from my interpretations)

What symptoms is your finance having on her MAC?


She told me that her mac has no symptoms.

Thank you for reply.

I would advise to look for any symptoms over the week and not to visit that website again for a while,

I will tell her and i will keep it in mind. I will install eset beta for mac so that she has some protection for 2months. I can’t wait until CIS comes for mac:)

how do I search after symptoms on a mac?


Why don’t you use comodo web application firewall (it’s beta)

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how do I search after symptoms on a mac
There's a mac program called "littlesnitch" it's very usefull :)

Look for any sluggish internet speeds while directly connect to a LAN network,
or any type of ‘behavior’ that is not normal

FYI I’m not much of a MAC expert, but i have my share of setting them up