Hack Comodo and find ways to bypass the security. and report them??

I am thinking Hackers out there that use Comodo Firewall and like it and use it has there defence.

Well would it be a good idea to hack someones computer that has Comodo firewall or hack your own Comodo firewall and find out ways to hack Comodo and bypass the security? and then report it to Comodo and give them details how you did it like that Comodo will fix it

I’m sure that Comodo would like to have that info.
I don’t think you should hack someone else’s computer though…
Try it on your own… :wink:

yeh but the only problem is i don’t know how to hack :smiley:

but other hackers should just an idea :wink:

Lol! ;D
I don’t think it’s so easy to hack a firewall.