-h+splash screen=bummer

Hello everyone–I have the latest version of CIS and although I have the -h where it is supposed to be there is still the annoying splash screen that does not disappear till I click it away–any ideas on how to fix this :-\

windows xp professional


Have you checked to see if there are two instances of the startup command? If so, remove one of them.

You were correct --sort of–I installed starter [startup manager] http://codestuff.obninsk.ru/ and that program seemed to have created a link in the startups to CIS.cpf.exe [no-h] i disabled it and walla no splash :wink:

entry in startups was comodo.lnk for Startup current user in the registry.

I saw it before but since they were not the same I left it 88) the other one is the correct one for cfe-h

Glad that is over–thanks very much