Guidance Needed - at a Crossroad with KAV & Comodo 3

OK… I just reformatted my HD (os partition) and reinstalled OS Win XP SP2 … reinstalled a number of my progs. Ditched the free AV Grisoft prog I had as well as an old version of Comodo Firewall…

I decided to install Comodo (the verison currently on their Website). Read about the right AV to get and of all things landed on Kaspersky not realizing they did not play well together. Got it, went to install KAV popped a msg saying a conflict with Comodo would prevent installation. I then came here only to realize that uninstalling it would not be easy. So… my question is should I trying buying a new AV or using the bat file to uninstall and get a dif Firewall… The irony is that I had KAV Internet security an All in one tool and it seemed to sloooow my PC. Having spent soo much time cleaning my system I am afraid to screw things up by uninstalling… any thoughts would be greatly appreciated… kinda wish I’d kept my old comodo … wasn’t broke… new has soo many features

Welcome to the forums, cumbiamo.

If you are already a licensed user of Kaspersky Anti-Virus 7, don’t purchase another AV program. However, if you already have a copy of Kaspersky Internet Security, I would uninstall it and purchase KAV 7. You might be eligible for a discount. It doesn’t hurt to ask.

I have KAV running in conjunction with CFP on two systems (see my signature for details).

You must install KAV 7 first, then CFP. Installing them in reverse order probably caused the issues you are experiencing now.

To be fair, there are a handful of users that have posted about conflicts between KAV 7 and CFP 3.0. I have been working with as many members here as possible to help them get both applications working together without major issues.

If you are happy with CFP, I would try to reinstall the latest version of CFP v3.0. To do this, you need to set aside about an hour – perhaps more – and follow the steps here:

While I have heard some good things about Kaspersky Internet Security, I have never been a huge fan of all-in-one suites. In my opinion, the combination of CFP and KAV is about as good as it gets.

Be sure to post back and advise us on your progress. Good luck!

WOW … USSS that was very quick … thank you for your time here… I will do as you suggest … I have DL your batch file and will take the novice approach … what i don’t understand is whether i need to go into the registry at all since I will be doing the batch file process.

Also in the Instructions for this simple process you do not ask to disable the internet as you do the manual… just making sure. Will this still take an hour? Anyway is a duh? question my apology… look forward to your reply and will post my results as you mention…

The batch file is courtesy of “Ragwing.” He originally developed it, and he has updated it several times to include new registry entries related to CFP as they are discovered.

Run the batch file first, then see if you are able to reinstall CFP 3.0. If the reinstallation fails or otherwise does not work as expected, run the batch file again, then perform the steps outlined in the set of instructions. It should take 60-90 minutes and, while I realize that is a lot of time just to uninstall an application, I think it is time well-spent. Avoid taking shortcuts, if possible, as it may lead to another botched reinstallation attempt.

Absolutely, you should disable your Internet connection as specified in Step #2 of the comprehensive instructions. (Do not rely on the Windows Firewall for protection.) However, if you are behind a firewall/router, you will be reasonably safe. But if you really do not need Internet connectivity, disable it during uninstallation.

Don’t know if it matters but I am running KAv with CFP as well. I installed KAv first but also have compatibility mode set in KAV so that it plays nicer with programs with Self defense modules (a throwback from my Outpost Pro days) and everything is runing smoothly.
One thing to be wary of is that if you have any other programs installed that CPF flags as incompatible with Defense+ (in my case it was processguard) installing as a Basic Firewall doesn’t help and my computer lagged terribly until I uninstalled ProcessGuard, KAV and CFP and just reinstalled KAV and then CFP.