GUI TEXT MISTAKES in Firewall option [v5]

I have a problem with the gui:
I have 2 users in my Windows7, and only from one of them when I click option from “Immagine5.jpg” (because italian :smiley: ) I have “Immagine3.jpg” instead of “Immagine4.jpg”, and there isn’t any way to view the bottom of the settings (scrolling, nor with the mouse over the limit of the window). (IF I remember correctly, for helping you to create the same problem: I’ve installed Comodo from the user I can see all the settings, while the other user was disconnected).
Also I’ve done diagnostic and were reported none errors, my version is 5.10.228257.2253, and I’ve done a restart of the pc.

P.S. is this the only way to report a bug? :-\

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