GUI shutdown while adding programs to groups


I found another bug at D+ module. While I was trying to add new prgrams to new groups the GUI of CFP crushes. I’ve already send an e-mail with crush dump. I don’t know if I’m right but i think it mostly happens when trying to open directories with some archives within.

Oh I almost forgot. The window that opens when u click My protected files->Groups->Add->Select from->Browse opens enormously long time.

After GUI crush can’t restart it. Just have to reboot the computer (although service is stilll running).

EDIT: Of cuz forget to say what system etc…

Its WinXP SP3 32-bit Polish, CFP, Avira antivir 8.1.0

I just did the same thing as new and no bug. Both my pc’s. Gotta be something on your set up.

It seems that i should reinstall Windows and check it out :confused: Second bug I have and nobody else does :frowning:

System reinstalled and bug disappeared.