GUI moves into 21st Century- almost!

The second biggest improvement for me of V5.3 (the first being that it doesn’t crash when scanning any more and I don’t keep losing my logs) is that almost all the windows and dialogs are resizable. After all these years Comodo - what came over you! :-*

Not only that but you can now double-click column dividers to get them to resize to maximum width (but only based on those items currently visible in the window, not to the complete list - uh!?). AND the windows remember their positions and sizes between sessions (OK most of them did this in v5.0). And a system GUI colour theme at last!

Something I was programming in GEMDOS on Ataris 12 years ago, so why is Windows a problem?

It’s a shame that not all the column widths are remembered yet, not even within a session. And windows aren’t amodal (I can’t bring forward the main CIS window to edit Firewall Rules if Firewall Events is on top, for instance). Search for a file in Defense+ Rules? Items in various dialogs inconsistently placed. And so it goes…

Maybe next decade…

Brilliant system defence, I love the philosophy behind it. But still a ■■■■■■ GUI.