GUI hangs, but scans continue

A lot of posts here talking about hung scans. I have a slightly different issue - the scan itself doesn’t hang, but the Comodo GUI does.

A couple of minutes after starting a full scan of My Computer, Scan and the CIS Console windows both stop responding - they don’t update, you can’t move them or close them and they don’t even repaint when another application overwrites the screen. Windows also becomes very “lumpy” - even 3D rendering doesn’t slow down my system this badly. :o

When the scan completes the Comodo GUI becomes responsive again.

Product Version is 5.0.163652.1142, running on Windows XP with 4GB of RAM and an AMD PhenomX4 9650 Quad Core processor.

Any ideas?

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do you have any other AV/firewall on? if you do then disable one of the AV’s realtime protection and disable the other firewall.

It can be that the OS you use in not working good with CIS. Is your OS an 64bit OS or an 32bit. I would recommend that you run 64bit if you have 64bit OS.