GUI GUI GUI , Who wants one?

ATTENTION: If anyone wants the current GUI resizable or any simple changes , please vote BEEFED UP GUI :slight_smile: thanks…

WEll here you go. Vote for GUI options. Does this mean it will come true? No, i’m only a moderator you fool! ;D With all this talk about GUI’s perhaps this will give Melih a true idea as to what you want. :wink:
Also, give an opinion and play nice kiddies! :slight_smile:


Global Moderator\Villiage Idiot (:TNG)

It should be fun to set your security. ;D
(after they fix some basic flaws…)

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I voted for a skinnable GUI, mainly because I feel that there should be a high-contrast/high-visibility version available for the visually impaired.

I voted for a skinnable GUI. That way the user can choose an uber flashy GUI or a nice streamlined GUI. Also, the point kail made about GUIs for the visually impaired is a good one.

The GUI is not the most important thing to me; a solid, stable, reliable, effective program is. Which I guess means my vote is I don’t give a gui. ;D

That said, bells & whistles are nice; basic guis are not very appealling or marketable, I think. People like flash, so after Rule #1 above (for me) is set, then I say beefed-up & skinnable - the beef-up cuz that’s cool, the skinnable cuz that’s fun.

I don’t see your vote for I don’t give a gui? ???

Paul ;D

Boy, I sure forgot that, didn’t I? Looks like (once I actually voted) I’m sure in the minority here… :slight_smile:

I blame (my forgetfulness) on the 4-month old asleep in my lap as I try to do some browsing…


LOL, it’s no problem, I just thought you’d want your vote to count :slight_smile: I have been screwing up everything myself lately, sick, no sleep, all that goes along with that.


I miss the poll option “current GUI but resizable”. I feel a little restricted with all that scrolling in the little window. Other than that, I have no reason to moan (:CLP)

I want the same GUI but be able to resize each of the screen elements and have the app remember the changes from session to session.

ewen :slight_smile:

Ewen: and Weaker: This would go into the BEEFED UP GUI…sorry wasn’t more specific :stuck_out_tongue: My bad.


I voted for a skinnable GUI, it would be great if Comodo came out with cool skins to modify the look of the firewall. (L)

I really like the current GUI, but it would be great if the GUI was also skinable.


Here’s a question regarding creating a pumped-up/skinnable gui ~

Would all this “beef” make the app “fat”? After all, we’re looking for as small a resource footprint as possible, right? Does beefing up the gui create a bigger resource drain?

Ahhh, shaddup! lol kidding. I have seen many progs with great GUIs and they don’t show lag. It depends how well it’s implemented. And by beefed up, it could mean resizing ability, perhaps color change, text, etc…I would guess any amount of addition can cause a loss somewhere. If you addeth you taketh away :slight_smile: I think though, it would simply be size rather than resource here. I can’t see it draining resources. Besides, it can always be an option as a separate download. Although it’s not for me to say, read the top buddy, it says, I am only a mod, fool! lol. (:NRD) ;D


whimper… I feel like i’m bein’ picked on… :cry: JK (even tho what I voted for is in bold and the rest aren’t) ;D

Guess what I’ve typically seen is when companies pep up their interface, it goes along with memory-hogging changes to the program as well, which we surely do not want! (:AGY)

The gui really isn’t that important to me, although I sure don’t like ones that are hard to navigate in, or just look like an old DOS app or at best from Win 3.1. :wink: (which a lot of free progs seem to do; the whole “you get what you pay for” deal)

BTW, Paul, ur not just a Mod, according to the information I’ve seen, ur part of the “Mod Squad” which surely is a step above. ;D


I think that 3 steps would get what many wants.
1: Resize with remember.
2: Same GUI with different colors.
3: Different GUI with skins, that also include a “simple” skin/gui (separate downloads)

Step 1 & 2 won’t affect the resources at all. (at least not different colors)
It’s just my opinion…

Hey, I forgot about the “Mod squad” . Where did you find that? Anyway, I took that from a show that is far older than I , the Mob squad. As Aowl said, with skinnable interface, this shouldn’t take resources. You are changing the skin, not the program or adding\taking away from it in itself. I will agree that CPF\CAV have far more important matters, being security, and I always felt that the GUI was great. I mean, Kerio is up there when it comes to firewalls, and their GUI is ,well, ugly. To me anyway. Some firewalls use a 95’ look still. I mean come on, a little more could be done, lol. But back to CPF, I love the GUI currently and it’s exactly how I like it as a matter of fact. I think the tray icon could show some blinking lights for traffic. Other than that, I am not against changing colors\skins etc…if they implement it, fine. If they don’t , I still don’t care. :wink: Well, I guess we watch the poll and see what everyone else wants as well.


This is for you who want to see the GUI in other colors…
Just a glimpse of the future… :wink: ;D
A quick job.

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And a grey one, if you don’t like colors… :wink:

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