GUI freeze

How can I restart gui after GUI freeze.
I can’t close GUI by task manager.
I’m running on Vista 64 sp1

I can only restart vista for restart gui, but this is unsuitable.

The GUI shouldn’t freeze at all. How may times does this happen? What version are you using. cpf.exe is the GUI and cmdagent.exe is the actually program. Did you try double clicking your desktop short cut?

I have last version downloaded today.
It seem the cfp.exe freeze.

Internet coonection is functional after freeze. The tray icon measure the internet speed.
But I have two windows on monitor “comodo firewall pro (not response)” and “Active connection s (not response)”

I can’t ork with firewall settings, can’t see connection. Comodo doen’t popups alerts windows.

It is happen three times during few hours after install.

I’m using win XP with Sunbelt Personal firewall on my other computers.
There are a simple way to restart GUI, shut down gui with task manager ang run new instance form start menu.
There are possible to restart firewall service.
Is there any similar solution?

Restarting it isn’t the problem. You need to figure out why its freezing. I never have to shut down Comodo. What other security programs do you have? Did you read the sticky’s under important topics?