GUI for logs doesn't show the date ranges it claims.

I’m using the latest CIS 3.5 and I’m also testing another app called Spyder.

When I went to look at the COMODO Defense + logs to see if
spider2 had accesses files similarly to spider4, the log was empty.

The original log header says
“Log Scope: Last 7 Days”:

It should show the actual date range.

The spider4 entries are dated the 13th.
Since today’s the 17th, they should be shown, but they aren’t.

I had to use the “More” button and select “This Month” to see them.
I don’t know what day the “This Week” display starts on, but it
obviously doesn’t show the last 7 days.

My initial fear was that the entries had been purged.
Fortunately, that wasn’t the case.

This is on Windows XP SP3.