GUI error

I am using Windows 10, updated everything. Though there are errors regarding the Windows Store, but that won’t be a problem.
The case is that when I start my laptop again, the task bar on the bottom right corner flashes; and when I start the main GUI of the Firewall, the buttons that usually appear on the top right corner of the GUI disappears, leaving the places blank, but the buttons still work. The task bar stopped flashing when I ended the GUI. I tried to repair the problem by using the uninstall program, and it told me it couldn’t fix the problem, instead saved a log file.

Attached is a logfile by CIS.

Edit: rebooting the system does not work, also, the buttons disappeared as well.

I tried again the “fix” option after rebooting, this time it says “couldn’t find any problem”.

Do you have a dual GPU capable system? If so you may need to force cis to use one of the graphics card. See here for more info. Also can you check if you get the same issue with CCAV?

Great, I forced ati to use “power saving” graphic card for cis, then it became normal once again.