GUI Display Poll ?

This poll concerns whether or not the GUI displays only those modules installed. And if there should be a screen during the install process giving the user the option to install or “not” to install any module they want or don’t want. Thus giving the user more control over what is or isn’t installed and displayed.

This could prove to be a royal pain for the developers since it would be major re-write of code for the GUI.
But in the long run it will mean more flexibility for the user.

@Squeker this topic belong to the Wishlist, never mind the Mod will move it or merged it :wink:

What do you mean by “module” ?

If you mean “Firewall”, “Antivirus”, the option to select or deselect them during installation is already there.

Can you be more specific please…

The GUI already shows the modules installed.

As captainsticks said in your other topic if you don’t use the AV you can uninstall it and it will be removed from the GUI. Other than that there is something wrong with your installation.

What about the option to opt-out of the kiosk and sandbox?
If a user could do this then the modules the user doesn’t want could then be un-selected and not show in the GUI. Why should the user put up with modules not desired show up on the GUI? ???

I prefer a GUI that shows what “I” have installed and not be cluttered with stuff I neither use nor want.
In other words I like a “clean” GUI. :slight_smile:

You can choose not to use the sandbox, but as it is an integral part of CIS’s protection, I don’t believe there will ever be an option not to include the sandbox as part of the installation.

With all due respect, it seems to me that the ultimate decision should be left to the user.

Why should I buy a whole bag of apples when all I want is one? ???

With all due respect.

It is up to you as to whether you buy the whole bag.
Personally im fully aware of what i download and install and i find this poll quite preposterous.

We have been given a visual of what the up and coming GUI will look like and it will have all modules displayed and their status.

I find it strange that the new GUI has not even been released yet and here we are with a wishlist for features that the new interface will cover.

Maybe we should wait until the new interface has been released before “wishing” on features for the next one.


Kiosk is not running when you don’t run a file in the kiosk as such it does not load your system other than taking some disk space.

Any GUI will show things you don’t use. The Behaviour Blocker is very much the corner stone of current CIS.

Ir reminds me of discussions about Opera browser, the only software other than CIS that I use religiously, which is full of all sorts of useful functions. People complain functions take up so much space and resources only because of certain assumptions.

Opera and CIS are both efficiently coded; i.e. they are compact. To take the comparison to Opera further. I recently did some maintenance on an 11 y/o laptop of an uncle and aunt because of performance issues. It is an Acer Ferrari which was a significant laptop back in the days. Bare versions of both Chrome and Firefox were seriously straining it where Opera, with its bus load of functions, ran smoothest.

In the Opera settings screens you find references to all sorts of functions that no person may ever use at the same time.

Opera is a great browser and the integrated email client is marvellous.
Dont know why other browsers do not have this…

User agent can be switched within opera.
Its a nightmare in firefox.

Actually the more i think of opera the more i may try it again plus it has superb anti-phishing capabilities.

!ot! Opera used to be a great browser and long term users are swung between hope and fear about if, how, how much of the old Opera will return in the new version. Management and most employees pretty much keep their mouths shut feeding even more uncertainty. I will stick to 12.15 for as long as possible… 8)

+1 :-TU

It is does not make sense.( Poll )
P.S. This is only my opinion.

While there is no VK autonomously and it will to deleted from a package CIS (which I doubt), but simply to be added as a separate component.

About Sandbox - already says it all.
The rest I said in another topic. (Just showing the disabled components (graphically) in GUI).

I said No.
It is time.