GUI Crashes Bug

  1. Intel Cor2duo 64 bit cpu.

  2. Windows 7 32bit

  3. CIS 4.828

  4. When researching malware, I download them and save them to a folder, when ever I hit malware that is found by comodo, I hit clean. If I find more then 3 or 4 within a few minutes time, the found virus window pops up but it is white and blank. When this happens Firefox locks up and i have to wait10 or so seconds, then If I hit clean ( guessing where it is becasue the window is still white) it will clean the file but the GUI crashes.

  5. Once the GUI crashes I have to restart it by double clicking on the desktop icon but if rafter I do that the update progress window is messed up ( missing parts). To fix that I have to close the GUI manually from the system try and reopen it again.

  6. D+ is set to proactive with the sandbox enabled.

  7. does not apply

  8. administrator.

Is it hang during scanning this file?

I wonder if any of the devs have looked into this and if they can reproduce it. I would like to get it fixed becasue it’s pissing me off.

Hi languy99,

disabling firefox “scan downloaded files feature” seems to not be a workaround for this.

this happened here once, while testing v4, with that FF “feature” disabled and was exactly the way you said (after that, I never did tryed again).

do you have CIS exe’s excluded from DEP? (I have W7-64bits and can’t do/try this)

the only thing that scan download feature does is that it prevents Firefox from locking up for a split second while scanning, this creates problems when streaming music because that stops too.

I don’t have CIS excluded from DEP but to me it seems like this is a problem associated with firefox, becasue it works on in windows or IE, just Firefox gives me problems.

I think the devs need to work on integrating CIs better with firefox because it seems that they don’t like each other.